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Our tour guides are Beijing Institute of Tourism graduates who have majored in English or the language that is their specialty and have passed the tough national examination to be licensed as a guide. The team of guides will possess will posses a wealth of local information about the area and culture and provide you with the flexibility to get the most out of your trip.

Beijing Tour Guide :Iko Li
Beijing Tour Guide:Jason
Beijing Tour Guide:susan
Beijing Tour Guide:Mike
Iko Li
Jason Cai
Susan Fang
Mike Shao
Beijing Tour Guide :Iko Li
Beijing Tour Guide:Jason
Beijing Tour Guide:susan
Beijing Tour Guide:Mike
Yu Fei
The global concept of our Guide contains 7 meanings represented by the word " SERVICE " with 7 English letters:
1. " S " the first letter for SMILE ,meaning that tour guides should provide smiling service to tourists. in other words, tour guides are supposed to smile while rendering service to tourists.
2. " E " the second letter represents EXCELLENT, which indicates that service of tour guides should be performed in an excellent way.
3. " R " the third letter symbolizes READY, which shows that tour guides are constantly ready to serve tourist.
4. " V " ,the fourth letter stands for VIEWING, which indicates that each tourist should be treated as a distinguished guest with his/her special needs.
5. " I " , the fifth letter show INVITING, which meas that the tourist will want to return after she/he leaves the city or the country.
6. " C " the sixth letter stands for CREATING, which shows that the tour guides should create an amiable and harmonious environment for the guests.
7. " E " the seventh letter indicates EYE,which means that tour guides should pay close attention to tourists with keen observation,anticipate their needs and provide his/her service in time, which makes tourists feel that tour guides carefully and constantly concern them.
beijing-travels.com is a full service local travel agency offers popular travel packages to Beijing, Great Wall and all over of China. Honesty and Fairness travel agency, comfortable limos, warm-hearted speking guide, High level of service in all parts, your select is always welcome!


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