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Shanghai Chenghuang Temple
City: Shanghai
Address : No. 247 middle fangbang road, Shanghai, China
Open Hours : Daily 8:00am - 5:00pm
Time For Visit : 1 Hours
Ticket Price : RMB 5/p.p
Introduction of Shanghai Chenghuang Temple:

Located next to the Yuyuan Garden and also known today as the Yu Garden Market, the City God Temple (Chenghuang Temple) was built in the fifteenth century during the Ming Dynasty.

Originally a temple built to honor the Han statesman Huo Guang (68 B.C.) The City God Temple is a Taoist temple which is composed of many a halls such as the Grand Hall, Middle Hall, Bedroom Palace, Star Gods Hall, Yama Palace, Xuzhen God Hall. The temple had an area of more than 10,000 square meters including two gardens: West Garden (Yuyuan Garden) and East Garden. The City God Temple has a great influence on the residents of Shanghai.

Shanghai Chenghuang Temple
The City God Temple in Shanghai

The religious festivals of the temple are considered to be the festivals for all Shanghai people. Especially when the Sanxun festival (a day when the City God start to inspect his people) comes, nearly all people will come to the Temple to burn incense and worship the God, while all shops inside or close by would hang red lanterns to celebrate the festival. In addition, some folk arts, like cockfight, penmanship performance and acrobatics, are fairly attractive. offers online information on Chenghuang Temple and other attractions of Shanghai . Keep browsing our site for more information on China.
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