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Xin Tian Di
City: Shanghai
Address : Very Centre of the City, Shanghai, China
Open Hours : Daily 24 Hours
Time For Visit : 3 Hours
Ticket Price : Free
Introduction of Xin Tian Di:

Xin Tian Di in Shanghai has so many definitions- famous metropolitan tourists¡¯ attraction, groups of historic Shanghai-style architecture, a cluster of western bars and caf¨¦s, birth place of fashion, arts, events, and elegant residential area, etc. Xin Tian Di has them all.

Xin Tian Di, which means "the New World" in English, is located between the South of Middle Huai Hai Road, Huang Pi Road and Ma Dang Road, South to People Square, the very Centre of the City. Xin Tian Di has a total area of 30,000 square meters. As early as 1860s, a number of two- or three-storey terrace houses were built to accommodate refugees who ran away from neighbouring cities to find haven in Shanghai, in the turbulent times. The stone houses are called "Shi Ku Men" or literally "stone gate". They are featured in stone arch, thick solid wooden doors with a bronze circle on each panel and narrow passages or "lanes" between the rows of terraced houses. These houses used to be the typical residential buildings in old Shanghai, and up to 80% of the City¡¯s population lived in this type of houses.

In 2002, Developer Shui On Land, Designer Benjamin Wood together with a designer team from Singapore and Tongji University got together and cooperated in the renovation of Xin Tian Di. The stone gates and walls remain the same; while the interior decorations have been modernized to cater for metropolitan people in the 21st Century. Now it has become an entertainment district. The houses are turned into caf¨¦s, bars, theme restaurants, cinema, gymnasium, fashion shops and international arts galleries.

Xin Tian Di in Shanghai
Xin Tian Di Bars in Shanghai

At Xin Tian Di, you feel both tranquility and vibrancy. Walking from a gate in the North Block into the Center, one may come across tourists speaking different languages. You will see people sitting at outdoor tables, chatting in twos and threes or sipping coffee alone in leisure. Vendors sell souvenirs from all over the world, from Chinese fans, Russian dolls to Italian Tri-Angels.

At about six O¡¯clock in the evening, Xin Tian Di outshines the sun. Lights are on; the large screens flashing in front of the cinemas-- UME International Complex, nicely dressed up people moving around for appointments. Music seems to have a magical reaction with the old architectures, stone pavement and fountains. There are jazz in K2 Jazz and CJW (Cigar, Jazz and Wine); Parisian cabaret in the French Restaurant La Maison with an underground dinning room; and hard rock being played in Japanese restaurants. If you fancy a break, go to the Tai Ping Bridge nearby. A walk around the lake in the moonlight will do you good.

Xin Tian Di¡ªyoungsters find it fashionable, while it makes the older nostalgic; foreigners may take it as Chinese, and still locals find it fresh and exotic. offers online information on Xin Tian Di and other attractions of Shanghai. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.
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