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Beijing cuisine, It is also formally known as Mandarin cuisine. Since Beijing has been the Chinese capital city for centuries, its cuisine has been influenced by culinary traditions from all over China, but the cuisine that has exerted the greatest influence on Beijing cuisine is the cuisine of the eastern coastal province of Shandong. Beijing cuisine has itself, in turn, also greatly influenced other Chinese cuisines, particularly the cuisine of Liaoning, the Chinese imperial cuisine, and the Chinese aristocrat cuisine.
"The Emperor's Kitchen" was a term referring to the cooking places inside of the Forbidden City, Beijing where thousands of cooks from the different parts of China showed the Best Foods with their best cooking skills to please royal families and officials. Therefore, it is at times rather difficult to determine the actual origin of a dish as the term "Mandarin" is generalized and refers not only to Beijing, but other provinces as well.
Peking roast duck

However, some generalization of Beijing cuisine can be characterized as follows: Foods that originated in Beijing are often Local Snacks rather than full courses, and they are typically sold by little shops or street vendors. There is emphasis on dark soy paste, sesame paste, sesame oil, and scallions, and fermented tofu is often served as a condiment. In terms of cooking method, methods relating to the different way of frying is often used. There is a lesser emphasis on rice as an accompaniment than in many other areas of China, as local rice production is limited by the relatively dry climate.


Todays, the morden city not only have traditional snacks and delicious Typical Dishes, but also have a numerous restaurants which serve exotic cuisine or Fast Foods in Beijing. the Venues range from small kiosks to large restaurants and from modest to luxurious. Food streets offer a wide variety of food, and some sites are always open. Strolling a food street is a good way to learn the local food culture for our knowledge.

Beijing local snacks offers online information on the Beijing Cuisine and More introduction of meals. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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