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As a capital city of China, Beijing's dishes has been influenced by culinary traditions from all over China, Those who are fortunate enough to spend time travelling Beijing will discover the all styles of Chinese cuisines. This is the real deal. However, most menus are completely in Chinese and daunting even for someone who's studied Chinese for many years. To help you out, we've prepared this handy dishes guide for your convenience.
Featured Dishes
  Ѽ Peking Roast Duck
  й Chinese Hot Pot
  ͢ Peking Court Cuisine
  й Chinese Dumpling
  ˿ stir-fried pork shreds with chilli/chili sauce
  ˿ Sauteed Shredded Pork with Sweet-Bean Sauce
  ǴY fried pork fillet slices with sweet and sour sauce
  ըY Soft fried tenderloin
  ǴŹ fried spareribs with sweet and sour sauce
  ţ braised beef with oyster sauce
  бţ fried beef with leeks
  Diced chicken with peanut
  Ӽ Hot spicy diced chicken
  ׽ Fish cooked with vinegar and pepper
  Deep-Fried Mandarin Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce
  ˮ Upper Parts of the Pork Hand/Leg
  sweet-sour pork
Vegetarian, Rice, Soup
  Fried tofu with egg wrapping
  ˼ Spinach cooked with egg
  ļ Dry-Fried French Beans with Minced Pork and Preserved Vegetables
  Stir Fried Tomatoes with Scrambled Eggs
  Sweet corn and pine nuts
  Lettuce in gravy
  ʶ Almond tofu
  ׷ Egg fried rice
  ݳYang Chow Fried Rice
  Hot and Sour Soup
  Tomato and Egg Soup offers online information on the Beijing meals and More introduction of meals. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.


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