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Beijing Expressway Guide  ★ Get in and out Beijing by car
As the morden city's symbolic, and being the host city of the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing had develop everything of city -- and the expressways are no exception. Now, nine expressways link Beijing, and more are to come. while the travelers get in and out Beijing are vrey convenient. the brief introduction of nine expressway as following:
Badaling Expressway
The Badaling expressway links the city with the famous Great Wall section -- Badaling. It runs from Madian to Badaling and Yanqing county for a total of nearly 70 KM. Routes: Madian - Jianxiang - Shangqing - Huilongguan - Beianhe - Shahe - Baige - Changping District - Nankou - Badaling - Yanqing - Jingzhang Expressway
Badaling Expressway in Beijing
Speed Limit: 100 km/h   Tolls fee: RMB35/small car


Jingcheng Expressway

The Jingcheng Expressway runs to and Chengde of Hebei Province, It is one of Beijing's newest expressways and is currently completed from the northeastern 3rd Ring Road through to Miyun for 67 kilometres. The entire expressway is slated for a 2009 completion.

Speed Limit: 120 km/h   Tolls fee: RMB35/small car
Airport Expressway

The Airport Expressway to Beijing Airport runs for under 20 kilometres and is one of the most heavily-used expressways in Beijing. Despite this, traffic jams seem to be incredibly rare. However, Beijing authorities are planning two more expressways to link to the Beijing Airport. Route: Sanyuanqiao - Siyuan Bridge - Dashanzi - N. 5th Ring Road - Beigao - Yanglin Road - Xiaotianzu Road - Beijing Capital International Airport.

Speed Limit: 120 km/h   Tolls fee: RMB10/small car
Jingtong Expressway
The Jingtong Expressway runs through to Tongzhou District and contacts the Jingha Expressway to Harbin, approximately 15 kilometres. It has no numbered expressway exits and functions mainly as a city express route. Route: Dawang Bridge - E. 4th Ring Road - Gaobeidian - E. 5th Ring Road - Shuangqiao - Huicun - Tongzhou or Ximazhuang and Jingha Expressway
Speed Limit: 100 km/h   Tolls fee: RMB10/small car
Jingha Expressway
The Jingha Expressway is contact the Jingtong Expressway and was planned to run to Harbin of Heilongjiang Province in China, but has apparently been abandoned as of Yanjiao, Hebei. It is a short and rather old expressway. Route: Beiguan Roundabout - E. 6th Ring Road - Baimiao - Yanjiao - China National Highway 102
Speed Limit: 120 km/h   Tolls fee: RMB30/small car
Jingshen Expressway
The Jingshen Expressway is runs to Shenyang of Liaoning Province in China. It runs for 658 kilometres and is one of the longest expressways to leave Beijing. and It also pass through the famous beach resort of nouth china -- Beidaihe. Route: Sifang Bridge (E. 4th Ring Road) - Wufang Bridge (E. 5th Ring Road) - Bailu Toll Gate - E. 6th Ring Road - Xianghe (Hebei) - Baodi (Tianjin) - Yutian - Lulong - Beidaihe Area - Shanhaiguan - Shenyang
Speed Limit: 120 km/h   Tolls Fee: RMB70/small car
Jinghu Expressway
The Jinghu Expressway is a major road system of China, linking the capital Beijing in the north to Shanghai on the central coast. It extends over 1000 kilometres in length, It leaves Beijing on the same route as the Jingjintang Expressway, so the old Jingjintang Expressway was changed the name to Jinghu Expressway. The trip from Beijing to Shanghai by automobile takes nearly ten hours to complete. Province Routes: Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei - Shandong - Jiangsu - Shanghai.
Speed Limit: 120 km/h   Tolls Fee: RMB535/small car
Jingkai Expressway
The Jingkai Expressway heads for Kaifeng city of Henan Province, but is interrupted as of Yufa, Beijing, where the Beijing section ends. It continues as China National Highway 106. Routes: Yuquanying (E. 3rd Ring Road) - Xinfadi - Majialou (E. 4th Ring Road) - Toll Gate - 5th Ring Road - Daxing - Huangcun (E. 6th Ring Road) - Panggezhuang - Yufa - China National Highway 106
Speed Limit: 80-110 km/h   Tolls Fee: RMB30/small car
Jingshi Expressway
The Jingshi Expressway is runs to Shijiazhuang City of Hebei Province. It is one of the oldest expressways in Beijing. In fact, it was China's first completed expressway. Routes: Liuliqiao (W. 3rd Ring Road) - Yuegezhuang (W. 4th Ring Road) - Xidaokou - W. 5th Ring Road - Dujiakan Toll Gate - Zhaoxindian - Daxing - Liangxing (Fangshan) - 6th Ring Road - Doudian - Liulihe - Hebei Toll Gate - Zhuozhou - Dingxing - Baojin Expressway - Baoding - Shijiazhuang
Speed Limit: 110 km/h   Tolls Fee: RMB50/small car
Projected and Plans Expressways

There are Projected and grander plans for several national expressways originating from Beijing. Amongst those included an expressway bound straight for Taiwan. The expressways include: Jingping Expressway (Beijing - Pinggu District), Jingkai Expressway(Beijing - Kaifeng), Jingcheng Expressway(Beijing - Chengde), Airport Expressway(Airport Northern Route and Aiport to Jinghu Expressway). offers online information on Beijing Expressway Guide and More travel guide of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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