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Beijing Siheyuan - Quadrangle Courtyard

Dwelling compounds or quadrangles ( Siheyuan ) in Beijing are one important aspect of the citys architectural heritage. Beijing ' s dwelling compounds are generally rectangular , with the four sides squarely facing the cardinal points. almost every dwelling compound is surrounded by high walls, with an open courtyard in the centre. the buildings on four sides are usually one storey high.

Stepping over the high wooden base of the front gate of a large compound, you will find a brick screen located a few feet inside. In front of the screen is the outer courtyard, which is flanked by structures to the east and west. In former days, these were the kitchen and servants ' living quarters. A red-painted gate leads through the north wall of the outer court into the inner courtyard. The main building faces south to get the maximum possible sunshine in winter, and the eaves provide a pleasant shade in summer when the sun is high.

Beijing Siheyuan - Quadrangle Courtyard
The building is divided into three or five rooms: living or community rooms in the center with smaller bedroom or studies at each end. The building facing east and west on each side of the court were constructed to accommodate married children and their families. the dwelling compounds consist of several courtyard. With no steel or concrete, the entire dweeling was built of bricks and wood. compounds are quiet, beautiful and compact. Beijing residents like to live in them and even foreigners find them attractive.
Nowadays, these peaceful quadrangles are hard to find in Beijing. The reasons are as follows: Since New China wes founded, a large-scale construction programme has been carried out in the city, causing the demolition of some dwelling compounds.

A short period after 1949, government offices occupied some quad- rangles. Later they were demolished to build office buildings. During the " cultural revolution " ( 1966-1976 ) , air-raid shelters were dug everywhere in Beijing, resulting in the destruction of some dwelling compounds.

In the recent year many residential buildings have been construct to ease the housing shortage and provide better accommodation for the people. Some were built on the sites of demolished dwelling compounds. Outer compounds have been changed or distorted beyond recognition because the resident have added kitchens in the courtyard.

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Today, Beijing still has about 400,000 residential quadrangles, mainly distributed over the East , Wast , Xuanwu and Chongwen district of the city. Those in the East and West districts are in the best shape. The departments concerned with the preservation of cultural relics in Beijing have earmarked a number of good quality dwelling compounds for protection. In addition, the urban construction dapartments have worked out a plan to limit high buildings in the city proper to protect the dwellng compounds. offers online information on Beijing Siheyuan and other Introduction of Hutong . Keep browsing our site for more information on China.


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