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The Dadu bar street is reported as the one of largest bar streets in Beijing, as well-known with the Sanlitun and Hou Hai bar street, Dadu bar street opened in Sept. 29, 2004, locates in the Yuan Da Du relics park. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters.
The little moon river wriggles across the bar street, divides it into two parts: the east street and the west street. Standing on the bridge, you can easily find the difference between these some 40 bars: some looks like a cottage, some looks like a castle, some even can make you feel like going back to the prosperous Tang Dynasty. For it is a newly born place, it is not as hustle as other famous bar streets in Beijing.
Night view of Dadu Bar Street

There are 400 bars in Beijing, but you can find almost all kind of bars here: food bar, business bar, lounge bar£¬disco bar and some characteristic bars. the most popular bars in Dadu is Mo Du bar, UU bar, Blueberry night barr, Hong Tian Run bar, and so on.

Compared with other bar streets in Beijing, Da du bar street has a unique advantage: parking lot. The ground and underground parking lot can hold about 400 cars. There are several professional teams working for the bar street. These teams take charge in cleaning, environmental maintenance, car parking and so on. The guards and police will make every guest feel safe.

Building a bar street in park is a unique attempt in Beijing. Da du Bar Street perfectly mixes the fashionable bar culture and the history. It gives great contribution to Beijing¡¯s construction and provides a good place for Beijingers to relax. The workers of Yuandadu relic park will try their best to build a delicate and healthy bar street.
Dadu Bar Street in Beijing offers online information on Beijing Dadu bar street and More nightlife, clubs and bars in Beijing . Keep browsing our site for more information on China.


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