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Beijing Railway Station
Chinese Name: ±±¾©Õ¾
Address: NoA13, Maojiawan Hutong, Dongcheng District
Telephone: 86-10-51019999
Handling Trains: northern and coastal southern China
Transportation: Subway, Bus, Taxi
Beijing Railway Station
Brief Introduction

Beijing Railway Station is an important hub of the national railway transportation. opened in the 1950s, Covering an area of 25 hectares (61.8 acres), in 1959 becoming the biggest passenger transport station of those days. The building was impressively grand, with a combination of rich traditional and modern styles in its architecture. It was considered as one of the ten great constructions in the capital during the 1950s.

Railway Lines
Beijing Railway Station is the top grade national station that serves many lines, including Jingshan (Beijing to Shandong), Jingqin (Beijing to Shaanxi), Jinghu (Beijing to Shanghai), Jingcheng (Beijing to Chengde City of Hebei Province), Jingyuan (Beijing to Shanxi) and Jingbao (Beijing to Baotou in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region). There are also international passenger trains that serve the Pyongyang, Ulan Bator and Moscow routes. Moreover, it also serves as a link between the inhabitants of the capital and the rest of the nation, as well as the Chinese people and the rest of the world.
Beijing Railway Station Location
Beijing Railway Station is located right in the city centre, just next to Jianguomen, and is within the confines of the city's 2nd Ring Road. It has a convenient transports-numerous public buses and trains of the Subway Line 2 pass close to this station. The Beijing underground rail networks lie opposite it and there are buses taking passengers to both the inner and outer of the city. The station itself can hold over 8,000 passengers at any time.

By Subway: Subway Line 2 to Beijing Subway Station, get off the exit C (southeast) and then walk to the Beijing Railway Station.
By Bus:
1. Bus No.9, 10, 20, 25, 39, 59, 122, 203, 209, 403, 434, 639, 673, 729, 938 to Beijingzhan Dong, and then walk to the Beijing Railway Station.
2. Bus No.24, 403, 420, 457, 637, 639, 640, 668, 673, 674, 692, 728 (branch), 729, Te 2 to Beijingzhan Qianjie, and then walk to the Beijing Railway Station.
By taxi: The cost from midtown Beijing to Beijing Railway Station is normally around RMB25 depending on the type of taxi. offers online information on Beijing Railway Stations Guide and More travel guide of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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