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A great variety of popular snacks may be tasted in Beijing. Some are made of sticky rice, like Lv da Gun and Sticky Rice with Sweet Fillings. Some use flour as the main ingredient, such as Fried Ring, Fried Dough Twist, Shaomai and Clay Oven Rolls. Bean Juice is the favorite snack of the local people, but hasn't earned recognition from foreigners. If you are not a vegetarian, Quick-fried Tripe, Filled Sausage and Fried Liver will appeal to you.
Zhajiang mian (Fried sauce noodles)
Beijing Wonton
Beijing local snacks: Mung Tofu
Spring Rolls (egg rolls)
Beijing cuisine:Chatang (Seasoned flour)
Beijing local snacks: Baked Bean Cake (Ha Ma Tu Mi)
Beijing local snacks: Chao Gan
Beijing local snacks: Fried Creamy Cake
Beijing local snacks: Fried Sugar Cake (Tang Er Duo)
Jiang Si Pai Cha (Fried Ginger-Slice Cake)
Beijing local snacks: Jiao Quan (Fried Ring)
Beijing local snacks:Sa Qi Ma (Manchu Steamed Bun)
San Zi Ma Hua (Fried Dough Twist)
Beijing Soybean-flour Cake (Lv Da Gun)
Beijing local snacks: Tang Huo Shao (Sweetened Baked Wheaten Cake)
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