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Beijing Travel Guide
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Beijing Travel Tips
Beijing Travels provide some practical tips for travelers entering and traveling around Beijing China, Not only does it inform you about the common knowledge of prepare thing, safety, traffic, accommodation and language. but also offer you with the detailed helpful tips of sightseeing, shopping, eating, exercise and recreation in Beijing.
Best tips for traveling in Beijing
Prepare Travelling Tips Beijing Safety & Warning Tips
  Clothes and Shoes   Pay special attention
  Indispensable 6 stuffs   Watch your wallets
  Must bring 6 stuffs   Far away Strangers
  Recommend 6 stuffs   Crossing street Carefully
Beijing Accommodation Tips Beijing Sightseeing Tips
  Area options   Avoide the crowds
  Hotel standards   Avoide tour scams
  Booking and bargaining   Taking photos carefully
  Payment and Tipping   Useful guide book
Beijing Shopping Tips Beijing Eating Tips
  Tourist shop trap   Cost of Eating
  "Rip you off"   How to Order
  Bargaining Heavily   Eating with Local Friends
  Art of haggling   Drinking with Local Friends
Beijing Traffic Tips Beijing Exercise Tips
  Number of vehicles   Morning exercises
  Heavy Traffic jam   Activity
  Crazy Driving   Timetable
  Pedestrians Be Aware   Common place
Beijing Recreation Tips Beijing Language Tips
  Aerobics Classes   Greeting Basic words
  Tai chi chuan   By Taxi Basic words
  Golf   Shopping Basic word
  Horseback Riding   Eating Basic word offers online information on Beijing travel tips and More Travel Guide of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.


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