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Kaifeng Travel Guide
Kaifeng City, formerly named Bianliang, is located in the east part of Henan Province. in central China. Luoyang is famous for its brilliant culture and long history. It is one of the six famous ancient capitals of China. It covers an area of over 15,492 square kilometers, with a total population of 6.16 million, 1.4 million urban. Luoyang city proper covers an area of 544 square kilometers.

Kaifeng at the east Henan plain, and on the southern bank of the Yellow River. It is 92km long from north to south and 126km long from west to east. Its downtown area occupies 359 square km. It is composed of Downtown Area, Gulou Borough, Longting Borough, Shunhe Borough, Nanguan Borough, Suburban Area, Qi County, Tongxu County, Weishi County, Kaifeng County, and Lankao County.

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Weather & Temperature
The temperate continental monsoon climate; clearly four seasons with annual average rainfall of 670mm; adequate sunshine, frost-free period 213-215 days.

Travel in Kaifeng
Kaifeng has both cultural and natural sights. It is characterized by "rich historical heritage, ancient city pattern, typical ancient style, and unique northern water city flavor".
China Photos - the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao in Kaifeng, China

the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao is an excellent example of a complex built in the architectural style of the Song Dynasty. Iron Pagoda is located in Iron Pagoda Park, which is in the northeastern part of Kaifeng City. The pagoda still presents an imposing figure even after hundreds of years. Dragon Pavilion is actually a palace and not a traditional pavilion. The ¡®must see¡¯ sights in Dragon Pavilion Park.


Transportation is well developed in Kaifeng. Arriving and departing, whether by air, train or bus, and the convenient city buses and taxies can carry you around the city.

By Air - Kaifeng is 70km away from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. expressway between Kaifeng and Xuedian of Zhengzhou is 85 km, It about 55-75 minutes by car. This airport has planes that lead to major home cites and even regular chartered planes for Hong Kong and Mango.

By Train - Lying in the central part of China, Kaifeng has a convenient railway transportation, where Longhai Railway winding from east to west of China passes.

Welcome to Kaifeng
Kaifeng City was established more than 2700 years ago and today is considered one of the seven ancient capitals of China. The people of Kaifeng are always ready to welcome friends from all parts of the world! - Just to explore the Kaifeng for yourself!


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