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Wuhan Travel Guide
Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei Province. is the political, economic and cultural centre of that region. More than 2,000 financial estates are involved in savings and financing of capital, issuing and exchange of stocks and bonds. Both state and private-run commercial enterprises make Wuhan a flourishing market.

The Hanjiang, a large river, joins China's great Yangtze in Hubei Province creating a river-crossed fertile land known as Jianghan Plain. Situated on the Plain, Wuhan is the biggest hub city in Central China. Divided by the Yangtze, Wuhan has come to be known as the Three Towns of Wuhan with Hankou and Hanyang on the west bank, and Wuchang on the east.

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Weather & Temperature
Wuhan has a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The ideal travel months to Wuhan are March-April, and September-October. Travelers are advised to avoid the scorching summer period of July and August with its 40C (104F) heat, and the cold winter time from November to later January with its severe cold. Another weather caution is the summer period from June to August with its heavy rain.

China Photos - Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, China

Travel in Wuhan
Wuhan's civilization began about 3,500 years ago, and is of great importance in Chinese culture, the military, economy and politics. Famous scenic spots in Wuhan include Hubei Provincial Museum and Yellow Crane Tower are two places to appreciate ancient Chinese history and culture. In the museum, chimes excavated from tombs reveal the incredible achievements of ancient people in music, acoustics and metallurgy. The classic poems and inscriptions on the tower, can inspire your spirit as you pretend to be a poet with a bird's-eye view of the river from the tower window. In addition, the Villa of Chairman Mao Zedong on the scenic bank of East Lake, and the Museum of the 1911 Revolution. Most foreign visitors know Wuhan mainly because for the popular Yangtze Cruise. Wuhan is one of the terminus of Yangtze River boat from Chongqing.

Food & Snacks
Two famous places for local Wuhan snacks are Ji Qing Jie night street and Hu Bu Xiang breakfast street. Ji Qing Jie features all kinds of special foods plus entertainment at table by classical folk musicians. Snacks tops on travelers' list include Re Gan Mian , Steamed Wuchang Fish and Fried Bean Sheets. Street stalls in Hu Bu Xiang support the local habit of Guo Zao. Benefited from rivers around, Wuhan Cuisine earns its reputation especially from fish. Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong in his poem wrote: "I have just drunk the waters of Changsha Come to eat the fish of Wuchang." Streamed Wuchang Fish is a must for epicures.

Transportation is well developed in Wuhan. Arriving and departing, whether by air, train or bus, and the convenient city buses and taxies can carry you around the city.

By Air - A 20-kilometer speedway drive from the Tian He International Airport (WUH) to the city center takes only twenty minutes. Airport shuttle buses leave for the city following flight arrivals. There are more than 150 domestic and international lines connecting Wuhan with over sixty metropolises inside China and abroad.

By Train - Train travel options are available between more than twenty major cities in China and Wuhan, including Beiing, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Luoyang, Chongqing, Xi'an, Guangzhou and Nanchang. Trains from Wuhan to other cities in Hubei Province are available daily.

Welcome to Wuhan
Today people have more entertainment choices than ever before. Instead of watching TV at home, locals go to the cinema with friends, or spend the evening at disco parlors, karaoke rooms, bars and pubs and other interesting places. - Just to explore the Wuhan for yourself!


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