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Macau is quite small covering an area of just 27.5 square kilometers. The total population Macau is 469,800 of which 95% are Chinese, On December 20, 1999, after an absence of more than 400 years, this prodigal sun peacefully returned to China. and is now a special administrative region.

Situation of Macau
Macau is situated at the mouth of southern China's Pearl (Canton) River, about seventy kilometers west of Hong Kong and forty-five kilometers away from Guanghzhou.

Macao used to be a city under the administration of Xiangshan County in Guangdong before it was ceded to Portugal in 1557 as a reward of weeping out pirates endemic to the area.

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Weather & Temperature of Macau
Macau is characterized by marine and monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is around 22 centigrade degree with mild changes. The rainy season extends from April to September, a period when the island is sometimes harassed by typhoon. Travel to Macau is possible year-round but scenery varies according to weather and climate.

Travel in Macau

Travel in Macau ( Nouthern )
A northerly walk leads tourists to the featured attractions of the city Ruins of St. Paul's, a former screen wall of St. Paul's Church and the Monte Fort, one of the best-preserved forts in Macau. The Museum of Macau, to the right of the ruins, tells all stories on the city's past. Situated at the base of Penha Peninsula in the southwest part of the city is A-Ma Temple, built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), which is dedicated to the sacred goddess A-Ma. During the festival seasons, thousands of devout prayers come to visit the temple.


Travel in Macau ( Southern )
In the southern part of the Peninsular, the New Reclaimed Area and the Outer Harbor Area, compared with the more traditional central and western areas, is the newly-developed region on which the modern aspect of the city can be found. There are many luxurious hotels housing various gambling casinos and these venues are packed with people from all over the world when the night comes. Numerous museums in these two areas present the essence of Macau's culture and history including Macau Wine Museum, Grand Prix Museum£¨Macau Art Museum, etc.

Gambling industry in Macau
Gambling industry in Macau
Known as 'Oriental Las Vegas', Macau is a globally known casino center and the sophisticated lottery and gambling industry has become one of the main sources of incomes of the region. Macao attracts almost 2 million people annually, Surprisingly, tourists do not find the kind of razzmatazz in Macau's casinos as elsewhere; by contrast you can feel the expectations of gamblers from their polite manners and the peaceful atmosphere.

Transportation of Macau
Convenient and well developed transport links make Macau a popular and easily accessible destination in Southeast Asia. Located on the western shore of the Pearl River Delta, Macau is the gateway to mainland China from the South China Sea.

By Air
Macau International Airport (MFM) take passengers directly to most destinations, is located on the east side of the outlying island of Taipa, Macau International Airport has convenient transfers between the air and ferry services in the region. The airport runway is on a narrow strip of reclaimed land and is connected to Taipa by two bridges.

By Sea
Macau have many scheduled ferry services between Macau and Hong Kong providing travelers convenient transport between these two island regions. Quite a number of jetfoils and Catamarans are available, which differ in speed, comfort and price.

By Raod
Macau has two gateways to the China's Guangdong Province from Macau. One is Barrier Gate on the borders on Zhuhai and other is the COTAI Frontier Post at the end of the Lotus Bridge on the island of Taipa.

Shopping in Macau

Shopping in Macau
Being a free port status Macau is a shoppers' paradise and foremost among the popular buys are jewelry, brand label clothes, Chinese antiques, porcelain and pottery as well as wine, cameras, watches, knit-wear together with a host of electric gadgetry all at free duty prices. Macau Peninsular shopping centers, Red Market& Av. de Horta e Costa and Senado Square Area is main bustling area in Macau.

Macau Food
Macau is the paradise for gourmands with a wide range of delicious cuisines from all over the world including unparalleled Macau-style Portuguese cuisine, traditional Cantonese cuisine, exotic food... Everyone can find his own favorite! Moreover, the well-known Macau dim sum delicacies should never be missed. All kinds of dim sum ranging from almond cake, chicken cakes, cashew cookies, sesame crackers, egg and cheese rolls are served in the many Portuguese caf®¶ and they are good choices for gifts of families or friends.
Macau, a famous destination with prosperity and peace, fashion and history, oriental and western cultures, wandering around is the best way to explore the city's numerous historical and cultural heritages.


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