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Guilin Food
Guilin is not only famous for its wonderful landscape but also famous for varied delicious cuisine and snacks. Guilin being the communication center is a place of gathering officials and business men since the ancient times. It mingled the diet habit of Cantonese and Hunanese dishes. It is chacterized by its sweetness and delicate use of spice and chili.
Guilin food: Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seeds

Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seeds (Dun Laoya)
This is one of the most famous and traditional nourishing food in Guilin, With tonic effect Duck Stewed with Ginkgo Seeds is a heading dish in restaurants. The most important ingredients are old duck and baiguo (Gingko) which is famous Chinese medicine. As old duck and ginkgo seeds have the function relieving inflammation, it is not a flavorful menu but also a tonic dish.

Guilin Cuisine: Lingchuan Gou Rou
Lingchuan Gou Rou
This is the most famous on in Guilin. is haven by self cooking in restaurant. The restaurant will provide their clients a small pan, some bean curds preserved vegetable and seasonings. Clients then followed the right process to stir fir Gou Rou. If you add some fermented bean curd, you will find it is more delicious. With abundant nutrition and high contented protein, Linghchuan Gou Rou also has medicinal function.
Guilin Rice Noodles
Rice Noodles
Guilin Rice Noodles is well known and popular snack, is pliable but strong, fragrant and mellow, and cheap (0.5 dollar for a bowl). Rice Noodles is made by grinded high quality rice. The rice is firstly be grinded into slurry and then dried up. Cooked rice noodles are pure white, tender, smooth and refreshing. The cooking of Guilin Rice Noodles pays more intention of the making of good bittern soup. offers online information on Guilin food and other Introduction of Guilin. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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