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Beijing Longfusi Snack Bar
Address: No.1 Lungfusi Fore Street, Dongcheng Distirct
Open Time: Daily 10:00am-9:00pm
Phone: 86-10-64060668
Average cost: RMB10-30 /p.p
Beijing Longfusi Snack Bar
Introduction of old Beijing Longfusi Snack Bar:

The Longfu Temple bulit during the reign of Emperor Jingtai in the Ming Dynasty in 1452, it had the largest pair of temple gates in Beijing, The temple was composed of five coutyards, eacj with a large central hall connected by the long galleries. today the longfusi street is also famed for its Beijing snacks. whlie working on the street and to taste outstanding Beijing flavors is a different experience.

Longfusi Street provides a collection of traditional Beijing food; the most famous being traditional Baked Bean Cake (Ha Ma Tu Mi), Chatang (Seasoned flour), Sa Qi Ma (Manchu Steamed Bun), Spring Rolls (egg rolls), Tang Huo Shao (Sweetened Baked Wheaten Cake), and so on.

When you walk into the Longfusi Snack Bar, you will see stalls offering various steamed, boiled, fried and baked foods. The snacks are really fresh and delicious because the food is freshly prepared on order. Bai Kui Lao Hao, a Muslim restaurant, is recommended for the authentic Beijing snacks. offers online information on Beijing Longfusi Snack Bar and More Restaurants of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.
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