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Beijing Tianxingju Restaurant
Address: No.95, Xianyukou Street, Chongwen District
Open Time: Daily 10:00am-10:00pm
Phone: 86-10-67023240
Average cost: RMB20-40 /p.p
Beijing Tianxingju Restaurant
Introduction of Beijing Tianxingju Restaurant:

Incorporated in 1956 by Huixianju which was set up in the 1st year of Emperor Tongzhi reign in the Qing Dynasty or 1862, and Tianxingju which was set up in 1930, Tianxingju Stir-Fried Liver Restaurant has a history of 136 years. After the incorporation, the new restaurant, in order to retain the flavor of Beijing Stir-Fried Liver, had chefs from Huixianju took charge of the kitchen, integrated traditional cooking techniques and management from the predecessors, and carried forward Beijing Stir-Fried Liver.

With the development of reform and market economy, Stir-Fried Livermade in traditional process becomes more popular. Tianxingju Restaurant was defined as Time-honored Brand in Beijing by Beijing Municipal Committee of Commerce and Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage in 1992, and Tianxingju Stir-Fried Liverwas awarded the title Famous Snack by Identification and Display Fair of Famous Beijing snacks and Dishes in 1997, and defined as Chinese Famous Snack once more by the first National Recognition on Chinese Famous Snack in 1997. offers online information on Tianxingju Restaurant and More Restaurants of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.
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