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Fuzhou Travel Guide
Fuzhou, the capital city and center of economic, political, cultural of Fujian Province. The city has an area of 12,000 square kilometers, of which the urban area is 1043 square kilometers, and the building area is 160 square kilometers. The city has a total population of 6,600,000, of which the downtown population is 2 ,430,000.

Fuzhou City is situated in the eastern part of the Province. Dwontown Fuzhou sits in a basin surrounded by mountains on four sides . The Min river runs through the city and flows into the East Sea. It has jurisdiction over five districts : Gluon, Tailing, Cangshan, Jin'an and mewed; two cities: Fuqing and Changle; six counties: Minho, Lianjiang, Luoyang ,Minqing and Ping tan; one economic area: langqi economic area.

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Weather & Temperature
Fuzhou, bordering the East China Sea, has a warm and humid sub-tropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall. The weather is mild and the annual average temperature is about 19.6C. The recommended season of visiting Fuzhou is in fall and winter. Then the cool and clear days, with evergreen trees describe a scene of southern latitudes, which is charming especially for tourists from northern latitudes.

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Travel in Fuzhou
Intesting sights in and around Fuzhou include Sea Temple, Drum Mountain, Qingyun Mountain and Eighteen Winding Streams.; Qingyun Mountain, Shizhu Mountain and Fuzhou National Forest Park. Besides, the city is renowned for both quality and quantity of hot springs throughout China. The cultured sights of Fuzhou are not as overwhelming as many of the top attractions in China, but the modern infrastructures of supporting establishments for tourism are complete, and a dazzling array of local dishes and snacks await your patronage.


The transportation network of Fuzhou is well developed and incorporates the road, rail, water and aviation networks, providing your trip to Fuzhou with convenient all-around access.

By Air - Fuzhou Changle International Airport (FOC) is situated in a sandy area of southeast Zhanggang Town, Changle City, some 50 kilometers from downtown Fuzhou, and is a modern, seashore based International airport. There are now more than 80 domestic and international airlines to approximately 55 cities.

By Train - Fuzhou Railway Station is the transportation hub of Fujian Province. It is located at the north end of Hualin Lu, in the northern part of the Fuzhou downtown area. Fuzhou station is connected with the national railway network and operates services to most of China cities.

Welcome to Fuzhou
The tourism industry of Fuzhou with its sustainable, fast and healthy development is being perfected day by day. In this coastal city, the reception establishments related to tourism are modern. At present, there are over 80 stared hotels, and the recreational facilities are too numerous to mention - Just to explore the Fuzhou for yourself!


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