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Kaili Travel Guide
Kaili City, Lying in the southeastern area of Guizhou Province. Kaili is the center of the Miao ethnic culture. So it is a nice place to learn about the culture and life of the Miao people. However, as a tourist destination, Kaili also boasts its natural landscapes, karst landform and the ancient architecture.

The City is located at the foot of the Miao Mountain and on the bank of the Qingshui River, around 195 kilometers away from Guiyang, with a total area of 1,306 square kilometers. Kaili is the gateway to the various Miao villages scattering in the mountains. Kaili was nicknamed as " homeland of music" and "Ocean of Songs and Dances" and " towns of festivals" due to the flourishing Miao culture.

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Weather & Temperature
Belongs to subtropics moist weather, the four seasons are gentle.July most hot , mean temperature 25 ¡æ ;January most cold , mean temperature 5 ¡æ ;The year average air temperature is between 14 ¡æ -18.5 ¡æ .The best tour season is a spring, summer, autumn. there have half of time as raining season around annually.

China Photos - the Langde Miao Ethnic Minority Village in Kaili Guizhou, China

Travel in Kaili
Most of the inhabitants in the Kaili region are the Miao ethnic people, so the Langde Miao Ethnic Minority Village is a must place for visitors to savor the unique Miao ethnic culture. Here visitors will receive a special welcoming ceremony from the hospitable Miao people. During the ceremony, a series of ethnic customs such as Miao dancing and folk musical instruments performance will be presented whilst visitors are usually invited to dance and drink with local people.


Kaili has no airport yet, so transportation links depend mainly on the rail and bus system

By Train - Kaili Railway Station is on the side of the Qingshui River, 2 kilometers north from the urban area. tourists can first arrive in Guiyang, then take the ¡°Fanjing Moutain¡± (a touring train from Guiyang to Yuping County) and get off in Kaili. and then take the No 1 or No 2 bus to the urban area directly and the ticket is 1 yuan.

By Bus - Kaili Bus Station is located in North Wenhua Road where you can take buses north to provincial capital Guiyang, east to Zhenyuan County, south to Leishan, Taijiang, Rongjiang and Congjiang counties. The business hour is from 8 o'clock in the early morning to 5 and half o¡¯clock in the afternoon. Tourists should check the time schedule.

Welcome to Kaili
OH! do not forget to pay a visit to the local Sunday Market. Opening on Sundays, it is a perfect place for visitors to browse the local ethnic people's living goods including special foods, herbal remedies and all sorts of decorations.. - Just to explore the kaili for yourself!


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