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Chengde Travel Guide
Chende is the municipality of Hebei Province. It is located northeast Hebei Province, the total area of Chengde is 39,548 square kilometers. the biggest departure from east to west is 280 kilometers, north and south biggest latitude 268 kilometers. the Total population 3.463 million people, Most of Manchu nationality and the Mongolian national minority population.
Chengde City Is situated at northeast Hebei Province in the mountainous area, North of the lofty The Great Wall area, the southwest is apart from the capital Beijing 230 kilometers. south is the yan mountain sierra. It's Topography northwest high, southeast is low, divide into the Hebei Mountains and the dam the plateau two natural regions.
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Weather & Temperature
Chengde Is the warm temperate zone to the cold temperate zone transition, half moist half arid, the continental monsoon climate, the four seasons distinct, illumination sufficient, rain hot is at same season, summer is cool, the diurnal temperature difference is big. Annual mean rainfall amount 560 millimeters, annual mean temperature about 8.8.

Chengde Travel Guide

Travel in Chengde
Chengde always the laudatory name "purple fills the pearl". It is listed as the first batch country historical city, the Chinese Ten Big Sceneries Scenic Spots, It is forty top-notch of the tourist attraction, national key scenery scenic spot area, is the national armor class open city. In 1994 the summer vacation mountain village and periphery the temple is included by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization the world culture inheritance name list.


Chengde is beautiful and mysterious land, has many "the best" of world: The world biggest imperial family botanical garden - Mountain Resort, the world biggest imperial family temple group - Eight Outer Temples, the world biggest imperial family hunts the hunting ground, the world biggest wooden Buddha - Puning Temple, the world shortest rivers, the world unique stone column... The Chengde traveling slogan "tours Chende, emperor's choice" has been accepted by more and more people.

City middle is the old city, the city characteristic has a distinctive style, both has manifests the historical style the historic building, the ancient ruins, and has forms the rich traditional features in recent years the block, has formed the unified city pattern coordinate with the summer vacation mountain village, outside eight temples organic. The south of city is the new urban district includes the development zone, a flickering new construction rises straight from the ground, presents the full of vitality. offers online information on Chengde Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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