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Qinhuangdao Travel Guide
Qinhuangdao city is a time-honored city named after the first emperor in Chinese History Qin Shi Huang who once made his east inspection tour to Qinhuangdao and sent people to the sea to looking for the immortals. Qinhuangdao is an important harbor city in North China with the Port of the City having more than a hundred years of history.
Qinhuangdao is located in the center of the economic region of circling the Bohai Sea in Hebei Province. If comparing the lofty The Great Wall to a dragon then Qinhuangdao is located at the head facing the sea. This wonderful summer resort is laurelled as the back garden of Beijing and Tianjin, It's boast a beautiful coastline and perfect ecological environment.
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Weather & Temperature
Qinghuangdao has a warm, temperate, semi-humid monsoon climate. Strongly affected by the sea, Qinhuangdao's weather is moderate throughout the year. Spring is a dry season that seldom sees rain. Summers are warm but not sweltering. Autumns bring clear skies and cool, refreshing days. Winter days are long, but the proximity to the sea removes much of the harsh chill felt in other areas. The annual average temperature is above 10C.

  Travel in Qinhuangdao
he Laolongtou - Old Dragon Head is the east end of the Great Wall

As a fascinating summer resort, Qinhuangdao is a hot tourist city with beautiful coast & attractions relevant to the Great Wall, Tourist resources are paralleled in two concentrated lines. In the coastal region, there are Laolongtou, Shanhaiguan Pass and several theme parks. The first-class summer resort Beidaihe is also one of the four finest bird watching resorts in the world. While most spots related to the Great wall scatters around the hilly area in central and northern Qinhuangdao, such as the Longevity Hill, Jiaoshan Hill.


By Air - Shanhaiguan Airport located the halfway between Haigang District and Shanhaiguan District, about 15 kilometers from downtown Qinhuangdao. has developed as an important traffic hub after expansion and two renovations. During the culmination, there are more than thirty flights a week to twenty domestic major cities. - Learn More about Airport

By Tarin - There are four railway stations in Qinhuangdao: Qinhuangdao Railway Station, Beidaihe Railway Station, Shanhaiguan Railway Station and Changli Railway Station. The last three railway stations are inclined to be built for tourist purposes. - Learn More about Train

By Sea - Qinhuangdao Port is a large and multi-functioned harbor, second only to the Port of Shanghai. It is located on the west side of Liaodong Bay of the Bohai Sea, having the largest automatic coal and crude petroleum, general cargo and container docks. In point of passenger transport, there are regular shipping routes to Dalian and Inchon (Korea).

By Bus - In the central Haigang District of Qinhuangdao, there are two major bus stations. In addition, there are important tourist bus stations in the Shanhaiguan and Beidaihe Districts which greatly facilitate visitors getting to and around the main scenic areas of the city.

Welcome to Qinhuangdao
This passionate city is well equipped with sports and cultural facilities. during the 2008 of Beijing Olympics Games, Qinhuangdao had holded the football matches for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad at the Olympic Center Stadium. Qinhuangdao, Not only a top tourist city in China, but also an attractive place favored by many foreign investors worldwide. - Just to explore the Qinhuangdao for yourself!


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