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Yueyang Travel Guide
Changsha is located in northeast part of Hunan. It is the capital city of Hunan Province as well as the political, economic and cultural center. It is also a city of history and culture as well as China top tourist city.

Yueyang has 2 county-level cities, four counties, three city zones, Yueyang Economic and Technology Development Area, Nanhu Scenery Area, Qu Yuan Precinct, with a total area of 150 thousand square kilometers, a total population of 5.3 million. City area covers an area of 824 square kilometers, with a population of 950 thousand. Its overall economic power is No 2 in Hunan Province, and No one is Changsha, the capital city.

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Weather & Temperature
The northern of Yueyang subtropical monsoon climate with long warm period, short freeze-up and rich rainfalls; 4 distinct seasons with sunlight of 1792 hours and frost-free period of 277 days, the Average Temperature is around 17C.

China Photos - pavilion in Yueyang, China

Travel in Yueyang
Because of a pavilion, Yueyang was famous all over China. In Tang Dynasty, Zhang Shuo was banished to be governor of Yueyang. He rebuilt the parade pavilion built by Lu Shu, famous general of East Wu in Three Kingdoms Period to be South Pavilion, which was renamed Yueyang Pavilion. In Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan wrote the famous phrase in Notes of the Yueyang Pavilion: ˇ°Be the first to worry about the troubles across the land, the last to enjoy universal happinessˇ±, which made Yueyang Pavilion famous all over China.

More Attractions
With a long history, Yueyang has also rich cultural scenic spots, such as the site of acient village Zhangguying Village, Quzi Memorial Temple, the tomb of Du Fu, etc. Yueyang is alos a place with rich resources, good location and beautiful sceneries. With various sorts of landforms, it has beautiful natural sceneries.
Welcome to Yueyang
Yueyang has been authorized as the coastal city open to the outside world, a city of history and culture, China top tourist city, national sanitary city and national garden city. - Just to explore the Yueyang for yourself!


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