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The main island of Taiwan, also known as Formosa, is located in East Asia off the coast of mainland China. The island is 394 kilometers long and 144 kilometers wide, It is a rare tropical mountain-island in the world, two thirds of which is covered with high mountain ranges.
Weather & Temperature of Taiwan
Taiwan offers tourists comfortable weather and has no winter all the year round. Because Taiwan is a relatively small island, the ocean breezes have an cooling effect on much of the country so it never really feels TOO hot. The annual average temperature is a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius with lowest temperatures ranging from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius (54-63 Fahrenheit). The average amount of rainfall is about 2,500 mm per year.
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Transportation of Taiwan
Taiwan Have 18 civilian airports in Taiwan, 2 of which are international airports. The other 16 are domestic airports, offering flights throughout Taiwan. Serving about 97 international air routes.

The busiest airport in Taipei, Chiang Kai-shek International Airport (CKS) is located in Taoyuan County. It is about 40 km (about 25 miles) from Taipei to the airport, which will take you about 40 minutes by bus. and Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) is situated in Hsiaokang, Kaohsiung.

Ali Mountain in Taiwan China

Travel in Taiwan
Taiwan is consists of steep mountains covered by tropical and subtropical vegetation. The most famous of the mountains, Ali Mountain, is the symbol of charming Taiwan. It is worth to visit Taiwan for its natural sights, such as the high and steep mountains and the dense atmosphere of seashore holidays. The island has another Portuguese name, Formosa, which means 'beautiful island'. In addition, Taiwan has many wonderful man-made tourist recourses, such as the famed Matsu Temple, Taipei National Palace Museum.

Taiwan also features various colorful human cultures. You will detect the harmonious and prosperous atmosphere in Taiwan's religions, architectures, languages and dining. Tourists should take special care not to miss the dainty dishes here - in fact, Taiwan is dubbed the 'Kingdom of Delicacies' by gourmets.


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