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Ningbo Travel Guide
Ningbo City is Lying in the east of Zhejiang Province, It is a well-known cultural and historical city all over the country, national gardening city, and national excellent tourist city. It has a total area of 9365 square kilometers with a total population of 5,527,000 people, of which 2, 105,000 is that of the urban areas.

Situation of Ningbo
Ningbo is one China's oldest cities, and has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous dynasties. Ningbo sits at the mid-point of the Chinese coastline, towards the south of the Yangtze Delta. Neighboring Shanghai.

Ningb is a city which is open to foreign countries, specifically designated in the state plan and enjoys provincial first-class economic management authority.

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Weather & Temperature of Ningbo
Ningbo is subject to temperate and humid weather. It has an annual average temperature of 16.2íŠ. The rainy season last for two month, mainly in May and June. Ningbo is occassionally harassed by typhoons during August and September, which may not be a good time to travel.

Travel in Ningbo
Ningbo is a well-known cultural and historical city all over the country, national gardening city, and national excellent tourist city with strong Buddhist connections and boasts a number of visually-impressive, historical temples. The 1700 year-old Asoka Temple houses the rare Buddhist relics of Sakyamuni, who is the founder of Buddhism; and the Baoguo Temple boasts one of the best-preserved wooden structures of its type in China. Other Buddhist temples in the city include the Qita Temple, the Tianfeng Pagoda and the Xiantong Pagoda.
China Photos - The Tianyi Pavilion in Ningbo

The Tianyi Pavilion
The Tianyi Pavilion, which adjoins the Moon Lake with elegant sceneries, is a book-storing tower with the longest history existent in our country, the oldest library existent in Asia, and one of the three largest family libraries existent in the world. In 1994, Ningbo Museum and Cultural Protection Bureau merged together, and therefore the Tianyi Pavilion Museum was established.

Ningbo Shopping
Although the city is striving towards modernization, the passion of the local people for producing traditional handicrafts remains undiminished. Hand-plaited bamboo vases, screens and animal figurines are particularly popular. The ancient Gu Mu Xiangqian, bamboo root carving and bamboo sculpture all reveal the local characters of craft in Ningbo.

Transportation in Ningbo
By Air - Lishe International Airport (NGB) lies to the southwest of Ningbo City, 11 kilometers (about 6.8 kilometers) away from the urban area. It has more than 20 domestic airlines. There are shuttle buses at the airport to and fro the ticket office of the civil airliner on No. 91Xingning Road.

By Train - The Ningbo South Railway Station is only one for passenger transportation. lies outside the South Gate of Ningbo City. In the east area of the station lays the ticket office. Trains run to and from large or medium cities are available here.

By Bus - long-distance passenger transport center is the Duantang Passenger Transport Station, from which coaches heading for all parts of the province and the country start.

Ningbo is became one of the top-five ports in China, successfully utilizing its favorable location for water transport. Today, despite its well-developed economy and infrastructure, it remains surrounded by charming natural scenery. - Just to explore the Ningbo for yourself! offers online information on Ningbo Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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