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Wuzhen Travel Guide
Wuzhen ancient town, located in the north of Zhejiang Province, is embraced by the beijing-hangzhou grand canal with rivers and canals crisscrossing the whole town. For any visit south of the Yangtze River; one place not to be missed is the town of Wuzhen.

Situation of Wuzhen
the centre of the six ancient towns south of Yangtze River, 17 kilometres north of the city of Tongxiang, Wuzhen's uniqueness lies in its layout, being 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) long and divided into six districts. These are: Traditional Workshops District, Traditional Local-Styled Dwelling Houses District, Traditional Culture District, Traditional Food and Beverage District, Traditional Shops and Stores District, and Water Township Customs and Life District

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Culture of Wuzhen
For hundreds of years, its residents have been building houses along the rivers and trading near the bridges. the ancient docks, waterside pavilions, and corridors stretch out for miles and erect a romantic atmosphere that is typical to jiang nan water towns. wu zhen boasts its prosperous past and simple lifestyle. tongxiang's unique folk custom, such as boxing boat, hua gu opera with local character, shadow play and gathering pilgrim, show the rich tradition of the locality! wu zhen is famous for its natural beauty and many talented people in history. since the south dynasty when the prince of liang kingdom-zhao ming once studied here, such literary master as mao dun had left many cultural relics here.

Travel in Wuzhen
Originally built in the central 19th century covering a total area of 650 square meters, a well known Chinese revolutionary writer - the Former Residence of Mao Dun, was the Mao family home for many generations and witnessed the growth of this great revolutionist and writer. In 1984, the former residence of Mao Dun was renovated and extended to cover a total area of 1,731.5 square meters - it opened to the public one year later. In 1988, it was listed as one of the Key State Preserved Relic Units and in 1994 was renamed the Mao Dun Museum of the City of Tongxiang. The house has three exhibition areas: 'Wuzhen, the Hometown of Mao Dun', 'the Way of Mao Dun', and 'the Former Residence of Mao Dun (renovated)'. The present Mao Dun Museum can be found to the east of the residence, which used to be Lizhi Shuyuan (Aspiration Academy) where Mao Dun spent his early school years.
China Photos - Wuzhen Ancient Town

Xiu zhen guan: It is a taoist temple which is built in xian ping yuan period of bei song dynasty. it is one of three famous taoist temples in south bank in yangtze river.
Ancient stage: the stage is built in 1749. it is sitting back on a major river of the town and facing a plaza. in the ancient time, farmers around the town came to watch plays by rowing boat. while a play was going on, boats were floating on the river.
Local housing: an architectural complex that is a legacy of qing dynasty reflects local architectural style and humanity.


On weekends or some major festivals, shanghai-wuzhen: there are special-line buses departing from shanghai hongkou football stadium at 8:00 am or shanghai stadium at 7:50, 8:45 am for wuzhen. shanghai xiqu bus station also has some bus connections to wuzhen and the ticket price is 30 yuan/per person.

hangzhou-wuzhen: there are no direct buses running between hangzhou and wuzhen, visitors want to travel wuzhen via bus journey has to make a transfer at tongxiang.

Wuzhen is a newly opened tourist destination. to meet the great lodging demand especially in peak season, many hotels, hotel inns has been buit in recent years. the main accommodation is in the " budget" level. in the town, there are only one star-grade hotel that is the mid-night hotel.
Wuzhen food
Big restaurants and small street stalls offer a great variety of local flavors. in some old restaurants such as the jiujiang lou and shanyang guan restaurants visitors can try the famous local food steamed pork slices with glutinous rice flour wrapped in lotus. travelers can also chooes to dine at one of the local's home, provided you know some chinese. food is simple but dining at a casual chinese family's home may provide a quite different experience. - Just to explore the Hangzhou for yourself!


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