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Juyongguan Great Wall
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Juyongguan Great Wall Pictures
juyongguan pass tower
Juyongguan Great Wall Pass
juyongguan great wall pass in winter
Juyongguan Great Wall in Winter
juyongguan great wall pass in nights
Juyongguan Great Wall pass in nights
juyongguan great wall in summer
Juyongguan Great Wall in summer
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Juyongguan Great Wall (Juyong Pass) - it is very near Badaling, just a little south in Changping County.The most recently restored part of the Wall, It spans one fo the nine narrow passes crossed by the wall. It lies in the midest of a 20 kilometer long gully; to the north is the important border city of Zhangjiakou: to the south lies Beijing...กก
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