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Guangxi Travel Guide
Guangxi, called "Gui" for short, is located in the southern part of China. Characterized by marvelous seaside scenery and full-bodied ethnic customs, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is blessed with colorful resources and is an imposing region for sightseeing. Nanning is the capital of Guangxi.

Guangxi is neighbors on Beibu Gulf Rim in the South and faces Hainan Province across the sea. It borders Guangdong Province in the east, connects with Hunan Province in the northeast, neighbours on Guizhou and Yunnan Province respectively in the west and northwest, and adjoins Viet Nam in the southwest. Guangxi accounts a land area of 236.7 thousand square kilometers, 2.5% of that of whole China.

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Weather & Temperature
Guangxi lies in a subtropical region: rainy, warm and wet. It is fit for traveling all year round. July is the warmest and average temperature is 23 C to 29 C; the coldest is in January, and average temperature is about 6 C to 16 C. In Guangxi, 80 percent of the rain occurs from April to September.

China Photos - Guilin is famous for its beautiful landscape in China

Travel in Guangxi
A popular tourist venue in China, Guilin is famous for its beautiful landscape. The picturesque Karst scenery along the Li River down from Guilin to Yangshuo has meant the city has become well known to foreigners. The cruise is an unforgettable experience. In addition, attractions in the city are well worth a visit. Among them, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Stars Park and Fu Bo Hill are very impressive.

Yangshuo Town
Yangshuo, the end of the Li River cruise, is a small but peaceful town with stunning country scenery. The town's West Street, lined with western cafes, restaurants and hotels has welcomed countless foreigners from all over the world and is known as "the Earth Village in China". The city is an excellent place for bicyclists and backpackers. Small villages hide behind paddies, water buffalos patrol the fields while fishermen boat on the river. Each provides a feeling of tranquility far removed from the cement jungle of the large cities. You can rent a bicycle to visit the Moon Hill and the Big Banian Tree.
Welcome to Guangxi
Enjoy the fabulous natural scenery, visit the numerous cultural and historic sites and taste the traditional customs, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is your best choice. There you will see unique traditional handicrafts: brocades of Zhuang minority, embroideries of Yao Minority and colorful shell carvings - Just to explore the Guangxi for yourself! offers online information on Guangxi Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

China Guangxi Tours
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China Guangxi Tours
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