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Guilin Nightlife
Its natural beauty and colorful Nightlife in Guilin. This beautiful city is even more charming at night. There are special night views, From modern nightclubs or Bars, romantic night cruise to folk customs center on the Li River, travelers can enjoy or relax themselves thoroughly, Both traditional and fashion nightlife are popular in Guilin.

Nightlife around Li River
Li River Night Cruise and Dancing in the Water Pavilion. The water pavilion is located at No.2 Dock, Binjiang Road on the west bank of Li River, next to the Li River Yinzuo Ferry. Travelers can watch the ethnic performance and then enjoy a cruise along the Li River.

The Li River Folk Customs Center is located where Li River meets the Xiaodong River. Travelers will appreciate the ethnic customs, arts, cuisines and architecture. Enjoying the singing, dancing performance and ethnic costume show as well, travelers are sure to find tasting the ethnic delicacies a memorable experience.

Entrance Fee: for the Li River Folk Customs Center is approximately CNY 45 during the day and CNY 60 at night.
Visiting Hours from 8:30pm to 21:30pm

Nightlife in Guilin

Night Bars in Guilin & Yangshuo
With the growing of Guilin tourism and the globalization of it, Guilin and Yangshuo nightlife bars and clubs in Guilin also developed. The most famous place for bars is Yanghsuo Wesr Street (Xi Jie). Many bars, Clubs, and restaurants are opened by foreign people. That is a really special street and it is even busier at night, People like to enjoy night life there.


Yanghsuo Wesr Street
Yangshuo Xi Jie is one of the places assembling most numbers of foreigners, There are special night views, all kinds of Guilin local performances, bars, KTV parties and so on.

Guilin Bravo Hotel Reed Flute Cowboy Bar
Location: No.14 Ronghu Nan Road
The decoration here is original-walls, floors, chairs and tables are all made of wood, adorned with ox skull, horns, etc. Travelers can relax drinking wine and playing darts.

Jiulong Nightclub
Location: Underground No. 1 Building, Nanmenqiao
Professional discotheque, performance room, billiards, sauna, massage, etc, can cater to different demands.

Mengbi Karaoke Nightclub
Location: Zhengyang Road
This club is very popular due to its good location, elegant surroundings, quality performance and management. To dance or to watch show, travelers can surely find something interesting! offers online information on Guilin Nightlife and other Introduction of Guilin. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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