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Pingyao Travel Guide
Pingyao ancient city, located in central of Shanxi Province. Originally built in the West Zhou Dynasty, it is boasts a long history of over 2,700 years. Pingyao is linked firmly to a certain prosperous time in Chinese history. Pingyao is played quite an important role in the economic development of Shanxi during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Ancient City was added to the UNESCO's World Heritage List in Dec. 31st 1997.

Pingyao County is 100 kilometers away from Taiyuan-capital of the Shanxi province. With an area of 1,260 square KM, it has five towns and nine villages under its prefecture. Unlike those cities or counties south of the Yangtze River, Pingyao was not endowed with charming natural scenery but with a group of accomplished businessmen.

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Weather & Temperature
Pingyao is subordinate to the temperate continental monsoon semiarid climate. The annual average temperature is about 10.1C in Pingyao. In spring, the temperature here rises quickly and the temperature difference between day and night is quite large. In summer, it is rainy and scorching. When autumn comes, temperatures fall gradually and the weather turns cool. In winter Pingyao is rather cold and windy.

Ancient City of Pingyao

History of Pingyao
Pingyao was the birthplace of the Jin Businessmen, who were one of the two famous Chinese business groups during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Owing to this, the first Chinese exchange shop was opened in Pingyao. Then, for the next hundred years, Pingyao was home to almost all of the large exchange shops in China. To a certain degree, Pingyao was to China during the eighteenth century what Wall Street is to the US, which not only helped promote the economic development of Shanxi, but also left us with a magnificent old city and a series of grand residences.


Travel in Pingyao
Pingyao has become quite a hot tourist attraction even though it is no longer economically prosperous. There are three Key National Relics Protected Units in Pingyao, namely Pingyao City Wall, Shuanglin Temple, Zhenguo Temple. It boasts the famous Pingyao Old City which was included in the United Nations World Cultural Heritage in 1997.

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Pingyao ancient City
The City Wall itself, Streets, buildings and shops are all well preserved from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. the UNESCO comments read "the Ancient City of Ping Yao is an outstanding example of a Han Chinese city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (14th-20th centuries) that has retained all its features to an exceptional degree and in doing so provides a remarkably complete picture of cultural, social, economic, and religious development during one of the most seminal periods of Chinese history."


Pingyao County is 94 kilometers (58.4 miles) northeast of Taiyuan, 616 kilometers (382.8 miles) northeast of Beijing, 543 kilometers (337.4miles) west of Xian, 758 kilometers (471 miles) east of Tianjin, Pingyao Railway Station and Pingyao Bus Station are located adjacent to the Old City. You can easily get into the Old City as soon as you arrive at the Pingyao County by train or long-distance bus.

By Air
There is no airport in Pingyao County. If you would like to go there by air, the Taiyuan Wusu Airport (TYN) which is 90 kilometers (56 miles) away from Pingyao may be the best choice. After reaching the Wusu airport, you have two ways to get to Pingyao: by long-distance bus or by train.

By Train
Pingyao Railway Station is situated in the Zhongdu Road not far away outside the West Gate of Pingyao Old City. Trains to and from cities like Beijing, Chengdu, Xian, Chongqing and Taiyuan are available in this station. It is quite convenient to commute between Taiyuan and Pingyao by train. Learn More About Train

By Bus
Pingyao Long-distance Bus Station is located not far from the southwest of Pingyao Railway Station. Buses here mainly head for Taiyuan City and the counties around Pingyao County.

In Pingyao, Department stores, super markets, hotels, and other entertainment venues show this ancient county's renewed vitality. While it does its best to keep its valuable old culture and heritage, Pingyao continues to develop into a modern new county. - Just to explore the Pingyao ancient city for yourself! offers online information on Pingyao Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.


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