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Taiyuan Travel Guide
Taiyuan is the capital city of Shanxi Province. was called Jinyang in ancient times or Bing for short. It is also called Bingzhou. Taiyuan city is the political, economic, cultural, educational, technological, and informational center of the whole Shanxi Province.

Taiyuan is located in the center of Shanxi. It is adjacent to Fenhe River and bounded on three sides by mountains. It has a long history and in ancient times was an important military town. At present, The supporting industries of Taiyuan are metallurgy, mechanism, chemistry and coal. Mainly exporting energy, raw material and mine mechanism products.

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Weather & Temperature
Taiyuan has a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, Its average annual temperature of 9.3 C (48.7 F) and is always fair, with dry and cold winters, and hot summers. Spring here often comes with strong sunlight and heavy wind.

Ancient City of Pingyao

Taiyuan City has much cultural scenery and wealth of tourist attractions, The Zhou cypresses, Never Aging Spring, and the Lady's-maid Statue of Song Dynasty are the three great things of Jinci Temple, which have high artistic value. the other major attractions is the Tianlong Shan Grottos where magnificent sculptures dating from the Tang Dynasty may be seen. the twin pagodas of the Twin Pagoda Temple, and the famous one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains- Mt. Wutai, it is list the top 10 scenic spots in Shanxi Province.


Travel in Taiyuan
Taiyuan is benefits from an convenient public transport systems as the city is the provincial transportation hub. the Accommodation facilities have become more and more advanced over recent years and range from 5-star hotels to a selection of comfortable guest houses. The gourmand should be aware that Shanxi noodles are highly reputed all over China, as well as the local vinegar. Other local delicacies are the Tou Nao, the Steamed Dumpling, Sausages and Mutton Soup.

Yungang Grottoes in Datong

The Shanxi Taiyuan International Folk Arts Festivals - the festival is initiated in 1991, and it held annually in September, every other year in Taiyuan. Groups from Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Inner Mongolia attend the festival and perform for audiences. Within the festival, an exhibition of fine arts, painting, paper-cutting, sculpture, drama, acrobatic and the culture of costume will open your eye to a wealth of international folk culture.


Taiyuan is 94 kilometers (58.4 miles) northeast of Pingyao City, 508 kilometers northeast of Beijing, 650 kilometers west of Xian.

By Air
The Taiyuan Wusu Airport (TYN) which is 90 kilometers (56 miles) away from Pingyao may be the best choice. Direct flights are available from Taiyuan to some major cities including the Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Nanjing, Shenyang and Xian. Learn More

By Train
Taiyuan is the starting point of Taiyuan-Jiaozhou line and the terminus of the Beijing-Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan lines. Taiyuan Railway Station is located to the east of Yingze Avenue and you can get there via bus No. 1, 5 and 21. The ticket office is situated at the south of railway station.

By Bus
The bus station is at the Taiyuan Long-Distance Bus Station, east of Yingze Dajie. The expressway from Taiyuan to Jiuguan is the first expressway built in Shanxi Province and connects Yuci City, Shouyang County, Yangquan City and Pingding County. From here, you can reach Beijing from Taiyuan within five hours.

Taiyuan, While the local emphasis is upon heavy industry certain aspects of city life such as cultural development has suffered from some neglect. This could be a problem and needs action to be taken - Just to explore the Taiyuan City for yourself! offers online information on Taiyuan Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.


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