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Elephant Trunk Hill Park (Xiangbishan)
City: Guilin
Address : No.36 Binjianglu, Guilin City, China
Open Hours : Daily (7:00am - 9:30pm)
Time for Visit: 2 hours
Ticket Price : RMB31/p.p
Introduction of Elephant Trank Hill Park:

Elephant Trunk Hill (Chinese : ɽ Xiangbishan) is the symbol of Guilin . The elephant is not a hill at all, but rather a rock formation that looks like an elephant sucking water through its trunk and located at the tip of a 180 hill. It is located inside a park and reached by walking up and down some steep steps, or a one-minute bamboo raft ride. The rock formation is 356 in length and 330 in width. The opening between the trunk and body is round and named "Moon-over-Water Cave," although you can walk right through this "cave." On the walls there are some 70 inscriptions, poetically describing the beauty. Halfway up is a smaller opening that represents the eyes.

Behind a gazebo, just off the path leading up the hill, is a cavern filled with images of Buddha and small statues. As with most statues of Buddha, there are remnants of where incense was burned and images rubbed for good fortune.

On the path that leads to the trunk, you have the option of going up to the top where Puxian Pagoda from the Ming dynasty circa 1400 to 1600 stands. It is a very simple pagoda, shaped like the handle of swords, and appears carved out of rock. Tall trees prevent this from being much of a viewpoint.

Elephant Trunk Hill Park Picture
Elephant Trunk Hill Pictures

The theme of elephants carries throughout the park. Stone sculptures of elephants and hedges trimmed like elephants dotted the path. The concrete walkway that extends along the lake and across to some islands had tiled elephants on them. Even the stone railings had elephant heads carved into them.

Arched bridges lead to islands that have whimsical scenes with wind catchers and statues of people playing. Weeping willows and trees with tiny blossoms grace the waters edge. The water from the river gently laps at the shore, and lotus blossoms float along the water.

The park is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm, and the entrance is 25Y. A leisurely stroll around all the sights will take 2 hours. The park is a few blocks off Zhongshan Lu, and extends to Li River . Tourist bus number 2 makes a stop here.

With the exception of climbing elephant rock, a lot of the park is wheelchair accessible with smooth tiled walkways around the lake, over the arched bridges and onto the small islands. offers online information on Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill and More Attractions of Guilin. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.
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