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Fried Sugar Cake (Tang Er Duo)
Address: No.1, Longfu Square Fore Street
Open Time: Daily 6:00am-10:00pm
Phone: 86-10-84012373
Average cost: RMB 10 - 30 /p.p
Beijing local snacks: Fried Sugar Cake (Tang Er Duo)
Introduction of Fried Sugar Cake:

Fried Sugar Cake, or Tang Er Duo in Chinese, a typical Snacks in Beijing, is named after its shape looks like human ear. It is an Islamic snack, made of sugar and flour. Tang Er Duo is bright and soft as well as sweet.

How to cook it?
The Ingredient of Tang Er Duo is flour, brown sugar, soda, and fermented flour. Place soda in fermented flour and beat. Mix brown sugar with the other fermented flour and beat. Cut the fermented flour into two pieces. Roll out one part of fermented four with rolling pin. Place the sugar flour mixture between two pieces of fermented flour. Cut a 5cm piece and press one end hard and roll over to the other end. Cut square of 40g. Turn over the thin and thick end over respectively in ear shape. Boil peanut oil and fry the cakes. Take out the cakes while they appear golden on the skin and have oil dripped. Place cakes in warm malt sugar in a minute and then in honey completely. Cool in the platter. offers online information on the Fried Sugar Cake and More meals of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.
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