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Shijiazhuang Travel Guide
Shijiazhuang is the political, economic, cultural, transportation center and the capital of Hebei Province. Covering an area of 15.8 thousand square kilometers, it has 6 districts, 12 counties, 5 county-level cities and 1 national-level new and high-tech development zone under its prefecture. Shijiazhuang has a population of 9.395 million, 2.313 million of whom live in the urban area.
Shijiazhuang located in the vicinity of the North China Plain, neighbors Beijing and Tianjin in the north, Bohai Sea in the east, and lies against the continuous Taihang Mountain in the west. Lying at the intersection of three main railways of China and with highway network connecting to Beijing, Taiyuan, Cangzhou and etc.
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Weather & Temperature
Shijiazhuang has a temperate, monsoon climate with four distinct seasons and an average annual temperature of 14.2 C. The region has hot summers and cold winters; It is therefore recommended that tourists planning on visiting Shijiazhuang do so in the autumn, when the temperature lies at a happy medium between the two extremes.

  Travel in Shijiazhuang
Cangyan Mountain in Shijiazhuang

The national historic and the cultural city Zhengding is famous for its "nine pavilions, four pagodas, eight temples, and twenty-four golden memorial archways". The provincial historic and cultural city Zhao County is famous for the oldest and well-preserved stone arch bridge Zhaozhou Bridge, reputed as "the first bridge under the heaven". And the first village of folk-custom tourism; the famous chinese patriotic education base Xibaipo Village.

Nature Attractions
Mother Nature has created many beautiful natural and magical scenes here: Mt. Cangyanknown for its natural scenery and humanistic sights; the Tianzhu Mountain known as "the northern Guilin in China"; Wuyuezhai national forest park; and numerous other resorts and provincial forest parks.

By Air - the Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport is the largest civil airport in Hebei Province. Located at Zhengding County, about 30km ortheast to Shijiazhuang City. It serves 44 air routes to more than 30 domestic and international cities, including four routes to Russia. - Learn More about Airport

By Tarin - Shijiazhuang Railway Station is situated in the cross of Zhanqian Street and Zhongshan Road. Trains from this station connect Shijiazhuang with more than 50 cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Lhasa, Kunming and Guilin.

By Sea - There are over ten long-distance bus stations scattered over Shijiazhuang City. Here are the main two: Shijiazhuang Passenger Transport Station lies in No.81 Zhanqian Street of Shijiazhuang City, which stands to the south of Shijiazhuang Railway Station. and Shijiazhuang North Passenger Transport Station is situated in No.257 Shizhuang Road.

By Bus - Over 90 bus routes in urban area and 7 in the suburban area form a large network, which make transport in Shijiazhuang very convenient. most buses are self-service with a fixed fare of CNY 1 per person.

By Taxi - There are over 6700 taxies running around Shijiazhuang, making getting around very easy. Minimal fare is CNY5 for the first two kilometers and CNY1.2, CNY1.4, CNY1.6 are respectively charged for every additional kilometer for standard, luxury and super luxury cars.

Welcome to Shijiazhuang
Shijiazhuang is becoming more and more beautiful with recent urban development. A jade-like moat embraces the city gently, bordered by 20 charming parks. This beautiful city is filled with culture and development, attracting visitors with new features daily. - Just to explore the Qinhuangdao for yourself! offers online information on Shijiazhuang Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

China Shijiazhuang Tours
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