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Jilin Province Travel Guide
Jilin Province is located in the central section of China northeast region. Jilin, means along the Songhua River in Manchu language. It total area is 191,000 square kilometers and has a population of over 26 million, including more than 40 minorities, Hans, Korean, Manchu, Hui, Mongolian and Xibe, to name just a few. Its provincial capital Changchun City.
Jinlin is bordered by Heilongjiang on the north, Liaoniang to the south, Inner Mongolia on the west and North Korea on the east. there are four ecological regions ranging from the virgin forests in the Changbai Mountain, the second-class vegetation in lowland hills, the Songliao Plain to the prairie and wetland in the far west.
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Weather & Temperature
The location gives Jilin Province its favorable temperate climate, which includes a lengthy winter with snow that can start as early as October and last until April. Despite the winter cold, people flock to this area for the Ice Lantern Festival and the winter sports.

Changbaishan (Tall White Mountain)

Changbaishan (Tall White Mountain)
The state-listed Changbaishan (Tall White Mountain) includes several highlights that will delight any visitor. There is the mountain itself, which a nature preserve that has tigers, deer, black bears, leopards, and sable among the more than 200 varieties of wildlife that live in its original, undisturbed forests. Within the forests are innumerable hot springs and a more than 1,500 species of plants. Rare birds, such as the flying Dragon Bird, also make their home in this mountain forest.

Tianchi (Heavenly Lake) on Changbaishan
On the very top of the mountain is Tianchi (the Heavenly Lake). The view is nothing short of miraculous and perhaps, as a reward for climbing up this volcanic cone, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the lake's very own resident 'monster.' and The mountain also includes a spectacular waterfall which is the source of the Song Hua River. The western side of the mountain range has three lakes: Songhua, Tai Lake, and Dongting Lake, as well as the China's largest ice-skating training facility.

More Tourist Resources of Jinlin
Jilin province is rich in and advantaged in tourist resources with varied natural scenery and distinctive cultural relics. The attractive Jilin Wusong (a spectacle formed by the ice bloom gathering in the branches and leaves of trees due to low temperature), with Yangtze Gorges, Guilin landscape and Yunnan stone forests together is called China four wonders in nature. And if you pay a visit there you will feel as if you were visited by the dream or presenting a fairyland. In recent years, the frontier of foreign country tourism and ecotourism represented by paying visit to the ice, snow, forests and wetlands become the most attractive tourism products. - Just to explore the Liaoning for yourself!


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