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Liaoning Travel Guide
Liaoning Province is located on the northeast of China. Covers an area 150 thousand square kilometers, and its vibrant population is estimated to be at 40 million. that same area is home to more than 10 minority ethnic groups, such as Manchu, Hui, Mongolian, Xibe and Korean. Its provincial capital is Shenyang City.
Liaoning Province, often called 'the Golden Triangle' because of its superior geographical location, includes boundaries on the Yellow Sea, the Bohai Gulf, and the Yalu River, which is make Liaoning the closest gateway to the Korean Peninsula. As the southernmost province of the three provinces in the northeast China.
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Weather & Temperature
Continental climate characterized by long and cold winters, warm and rainy in summers, and comparatively short and windy spring and autumn. Annual rainfall of this province averages from 450 millimeters to 1,150 millimeters. Liaoning is the province in northeast China having the most sunlight, heat, and rainfall. The best time to visit here is from May to October, but winter is also a pleasant time to enjoy the ice and snow scenery and winter festivals.

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Forbidden City in Shenyang

Liaoning has many historical relics attractions. Such as the famous Manchu version of the Forbidden City - the Shenyang Imperial Palace, Built on the same principles as the Forbidden City in Beijing, although much smaller in scope, it was completed by Huang Taiji in 1636.

Qing's emperors that built the Imperial Palace also built their burial sites in Shenyang : Fuling Tomb also called the East Tomb; Zhaoling Tomb, is also called the North Tomb. and the third tomb, Yongling Tomb. It completes the famous tomb group known as the 'the three tombs outside of the Great Wall'.


More Tourist Resources of Liaoning
In some very ancient time, a fairy goddess decided to bring spring to Earth by embroidering clouds on lotus leaves. During a fight with the gods who were trying to stop her, beautiful cloud embroidered leaves fell to earth at Shenyang and became green hills that the people named Qianlianshan (Thousand Lotuses Mountain). This mountain is now known as Qianshan. People love to come here to walk along the splendid trails to its lofty peaks and ancient temples. A walk around Qianshan can give you the memory of a perfect day.

Southeast of Shenyang is Benxi, which has the largest water cave in Asia. Within 45 square kilometers (17 square miles) of Benxi Water Cave National Park, as there are six areas of the particular interest.

Dalian City is a charming coastal city that has become a popular resort town. There is hardly surprising when you experience the garden-like downtown streets that are bordered by the Japanese and Russian style buildings, all of which provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll. With mountains on one side, and fabulous bathing beaches all around the city, Dalian is a great place to escape the summer heat, have a refreshing vacation, enjoy the feeling of romance that is in the air.

Liaoning Festivals
Liaoning Province has frequent and quite special festivals that are not to be missed. Among them are: the Dalian Spring Fireworks Festival, Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affairs, Dalian International Fashion Festival, and the Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival. Consider planning your travel to include one of Liaoning's wonderful festive events - Just to explore the Liaoning for yourself! offers online information on Liaoning Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.


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