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Leshan Travel Guide
Leshan ("happy mountain"), formerly called Jiazhou, is located in the Sichuan Province. Leshan is particularly well known as a city of National Key Tourist Attractions due to its natural landscape and wealth of cultural relics.

Leshan is located in the southwestern part of the Sichuan Basin, the City proper spans roughly 800sq km and has a population of roughly a half million. The city's governance covers four districts, four counties, two Autonomous Counties and one county-level city. As there is a large cultural heritage to be found in Leshan City, it is referred to as the 'Scholar-bureaucrat Shire'.

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Weather & Temperature
Leshan City has distinct seasons, abundant rainfall due to its location in the mid-subtropical zone. Moreover, influenced by the southeast monsoon and southwest monsoon, Leshan has a mild climate with an annual average temperature between 16.5C (61.7F) - 18C (64.4F).

China Photos - Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area in Leshan, China

Travel in Leshan
Leshan City is a renowned tourist resort as it boasts the 'No.1 Buddha under Heaven' - Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area (including the Giant Sleeping Buddha), this classic statue is of great religious significance and was created in the belief that it would influence turbulent waters of the rivers and protect shipping . Mt.Emeishan scenic area which is renowned for four spectacles - Sunrise, Cloud Sea, Buddha Rays and Saint Lamps. There are many Buddhist temples in these scenic areas including Wuyou Temple, Lingyun Temple, Baoguo Temple, Hufu Temple, Wannian Temple to name but a few.

More Attactions
Notable scenic resorts in the surrounding area are: Wutongqiao (nicknamed 'Small West Lake') which is an ancient waterside town located 24 kilometers south of Leshan City; Luocheng Ancient Town which is well-known for its ship like appearance located 60 kilometers northeast of Jianwei County in Leshan City. Moreover, Leshan is the hometown of Guo Moruo (1892-1978) a famous Chinese literary figure. The Former Residence of Guo Moruo located in Shawan District is also an attractive scenic spot.

leshan airport had become a new hub in Sichuan Province for the convenience of tourists.

By Air - Leshan Tourist Airport had started at the end of 2007. the airport connections to many scenic spots Jiuzhaigou-huanglong, Zhangjiajie, Xishuangbanna, Lijiang, etc. This airport located near Guanying Town 9 kilometers south of Leshan downtown area.

By Train - There is no railway station in Leshan City. The closest station is Emei Railway Station, about 29 kilometers (about 18 miles) from Leshan city center.

Welcome to Leshan
In ancient times Leshan was known as Jiazhou and was reputed as the place 'Where there is the most beautiful landscape in all Sichuan, there is Jiazhou'. It was famous for its abundance of the Chinese flowering crab-apple and long ago was given the title of 'Haitang (crab-apple) Xiangguo (fragrant city)' - Just to explore the leshan for yourself!


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