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Yunnan Travel Guide
Yunnan Province is the most southwest region of China mainland. Yunnan is endlessly fascinating. There are 25 different ethnic minorities in Yunnan, making it the most culturally diverse province in China. the capital is Kunming.

Yunnan stands in south (means "nan" in Chinese) of Yun Ling Mountain, bordering the countries of Vietnam, Laos, and Burma. Yunnan Province borders Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region to the east, Chongqing and Sichuan to the north, and Tibet Autonomous Region to the northwest. Yunnan encompasses 394,000 square kilometers and has a population of more than 42 million people.

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Weather & Temperature
Yunnan¡¯s climate is characterized by small seasonal change in temperature, great difference in daytime temperature and regional contrast between dry and wet seasons. The average temperature in summer is 19¡æ-22¡æ. Rainfall is abundant in the area and occurs mainly in May and October each year.

Natural scenery in Yunnan

Travel in Yunnan
The natural beauty of Yunnan Province defies description. It has mountain ranges and glaciers that are snow-capped all year round, deep virgin forests, lakes and hot springs, alpine landscapes, precipitous valleys, beautiful farmlands, mountain rivers and valley streams, floral splendor that blooms throughout the year, and vast skies with amazing clouds.


Tourist City
Yunnan is endowed with abundance of breath-taking scenic spots. Kunming, the capital city, celebrated as "City of Eternal Spring", is well known for its diverse cultures, breath- taking natural scenery and pleasant climate. Lijiang has been designated by UNESCO as one of the world's major cultural heritages, located in the northwest section of Yunnan, and is the center of the Lijiang Naxi Ethnic Minority Autonomous County.

Xishuangbann is famed for its wild herds of elephants and its swarms of peacocks, whose graceful pictures can put professional dancer to shame. And Shangri-La is regarded as Paradise on east, which means ¡°the place of good luck and happiness¡± in Tibetan language.


Ethnic Minority Groups & Festivals
Yunnan is home to 26 ethic minorities which give a rich color to the land. They contributed with their colorful costumes, their traditional songs and dances to the attractive life. The Splashing Water Festival of Dai nationality, the March Fair of Bai nationality, the Torch Festival of Yi nationality, makes you forget to leave.

Entering Yunnan, you inadvertently entering the Dongba culture of Naxi nationality, Dai minority culture of Dali, Beiye culture of Dai minority, Beima culture of Yi minority, and also entering a remarkable folk-custom full with myths, dances, paintings, and ancient music. - Just to explore the Yunan for yourself! offers online information on Yunnan Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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