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Mutianyu Great Wall
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Peculiarities of Mutianyu Great Wall

Compared with other travel areas of Beijing Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall has prominent peculiarities.

Firstly this travel area is of flourish grasses and dense forests. Its coverage now has accounted to ninety six percent, higher than any other parts of Great Wall.

Secondly Mutianyu Gateway Platform is so special and it is quite different to the Juyongguan and Shanghaiguan

Mutianyu Great Wall Culture

Gateway and Jiayuguang Gate. The general gateway platform is composed of three hollow enemy towers, which are connected together. The towers on both sides are small and the middle tower is fairly large. On top of three enemy towers are three watch booths and gateway door was not founded in the right middle, but in east side of gateway platform. Entry and exit of gateway platform are also through the doors founded in both sides of enemy tower. Such a special architecture of gateway platform is unusual in the whole Great Wall.

Thirdly enemy towers are closely packed. Four enemy towers were founded from the first Mu-word tower (large angle tower) to the fourth Mu-word tower (general gateway platform), a distance of less than 500 meters. Enemy towers, enemy platforms, wall platforms, extension rooms, totally 25 were founded from the first Mu-word platform to the 20 th Mu-word platform, only 3000 meters, which is also rare in other Great Wall section.

Fourthly battlements were set up in both walls. In other sections of Great Wall, battlement was only founded in the out side of Great Wall. Comparatively, in Mutianyu Great Wall, battlements are constructed on both side of wall. Battlements are a shelter for defence soldiers when fighting. Battlements set up on both side means that defence soldiers fought with enemies on both side of wall, indicating the important strategic position of Mutianyu Great Wall in history.

Fifthly along mountain topography, branch great walls were built up both inside and outside of main Great Wall depending on the war. The exterior branch wall of Mutianyu is just the Great Wall connected with the 11 th Mu-word platform and interior branch is bare.

Sixthly Mutianyu Great Wall is of depth perception. Mutianyu Gateway is lowest and is only 486 meters higher above see level. Running toward east, it sees an abrupt climbing, rising 117 meters, only 500 meters to General Angle Tower (the first Mu-word platform). The west part of Mutianyu Great Wall across the fourth Mu-word platform (General Gateway Platform) to the 19 th Mu-word platform, goes slower and stable, without any evident rise and fall. From the 20 th Mu-word platform to the highest point of ox horn, crossing only ten enemy towers, it witnesses a rise of 533 meters from 486 meters high in Mutianyu Gateway, reaching 1039 meters high. From the entire perspective, this section of Great Wall looks like a giant galloping dragon on mountain peak. The Great Wall built in higher peak seems like a perking dragon, prepared to flying into the sky; while the Great Wall in ravine looks like a dragon drinking water, lowering its head into mountain lake, which is so spectacular.

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