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History of Mutianyu Great Wall

To the northeast of beijing in huairou district, 80kms away from city center. mutianyu great wall measures 2,250 meters in length, with an elevation of 535 meters. studded all along the wall are 22 turreted-fortresses, and the section is accesible by cable cars from below. known as best section of the great wall in beijing, it is able to receive 20,000 visitors daily.

Mutianyu Great Wall History

The first wall in this area was built some 1,400 yearsago. construction of the present wall began in the early years of the ming dynasty (1368-1644) and was not completed untill the 15th century. the mountain around the valley are heavily forested,there are many natural springs and thick,beautiful foliage.in the past,these were important military considera- tions, today,they make this section of the wall a very pleasant place to visit.the watchtowers at mutianyu are said to have been designed by QiJigang,the Ming general who won many battles in southeast china. a number of his soldiers were from south china, and perhaps they influenced the architecture style of the brick watchtowers-the shape of the lookout openings at the tops of the towers greatly resembles a fence design popular in that region . >>Mutianyu Half Day Trip

In 1987, Mutianyu Great Wall was appraised as one of the 16 scenic spots in new Beijing and in 1992, it was appraised as the World Best of Beijing Tourism. In 2002, it was appraised as 4A grade scenic area and is the essence of Great Wall. >> Mutianyu + Summer Palace Day Trip

The architecture of Mutianyu Great Wall is of special style. It has closely packed enemy towers and [perilous passes. It was built up with battlements on both side of walls. On southeast side, there is one general gateway platform connected with three enemy towers together, which is quite rare in the whole Great Wall; in northwest side, there are the Great Wall section named as Ox Horn Edge built above the sea level of over 1000 meters and the sections named as Arrow Buckle and Flying Eagle Facing Upward built on the knife-steep mountain peak, which look extraordinary and rugged. The whole section of Great Wall stretches and winds like a huge flying dragon . >> Mutianyu + Forbidden City Day Trip

Mutianyu Travel Area is surrounded with mountains and is of beautiful scenery. In spring, fragrant flowers are vying with each other in beauty and are blooming; in summer, mountains are covered with green coats and you can listen to music of flowing lake; by autumn, it is fruitful and can see red leaves dancing; by winter, Great Wall is painted of pure white and coated with silver costume, showing a northland scene. It enjoys a reputation of ¡°Mutianyu surpassing others of Great Wall¡± and is the best scenic spot. >> Mutianyu + Ming Tomb Day Trip

Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Area is equipped with complete devices and functions and can provide you an all-around service. Within the scenic area, there are cable cars, running with complete automatic operation systems, so climbing the Great Wall by taking the cable car will bring security, convenience and rapidness. The cable car is reputed as ¡°No. 1 Cable Car for Great Wall¡±. The mountain lodge of Great Wall sits in the root of Great Wall and its architecture is of ancient style. Its court is unsophisticated and elegant. It is bestowed with fresh air and admirable scenery. In 2000, it was appraised as the second grade of hotel and is able to accommodate 100 at the same time. >> Mutianyu + Olympic Green Day Trip

Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Area will provide you abundant contents and it is built up with Chinese Dream Stone City and SHIBIDE slideway. Chinese Dream Stone City has gathered rare stones and extracts collected from all over the country. SHIBIDE Slideway is named as Dry-Land Sledge. Taking SHIBIDE Slideway will bring you surprise and excitement, suitable for all ages of people. The tourists can finish their visits of the whole travel area with one day.

The transportation to Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Area is quite convenient. The No.6 Dedicated Line Bus runs from Beijing urban city to Mutianyu Great Wall and it departs each morning in Xuanwumen and Dongsishitiao, directly reaching the travel area. The travelers taking air can start from Capital airport toward north, and go through Jing-Mi Expressway, then turn left at Yingbing North Ring Island in Huairou and finally reach the travel area.Mutianyu Travel Area, with its beautiful scenery, superior service and grand Great Wall, welcomes your presence. >> Mutianyu + 798 Art Zone Day Trip

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