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Spectacle of Simatai Great Wall
Simatai Great wall is exquisite in its details and is grand as a whole, which is the only part of ancient Great Walls with the original features of Ming Dynasty well reserved. Simatai Great Wall connects with JinShanLing Great Wall to the west, the main attractions include Watching Beijing Tower, Fairy Tower, Heavenly Ladder and Sky Bridge.
Watching Beijing Tower
Watching Beijing Tower is regarded as the top tower of the Simatai Section of the Great Wall with an elevation of 986 meters. It is the highest cultural relic in Beijing. From the tower at night one can see the lights shimmering faintly in downtown Beijing.
Simatai Watching Beijing Tower
Fairy Tower
Fairy Tower is the most beautiful and romance of all Si ma tai watchtowers, with a sculpture of twin lotus flowers above the arched doorway. There were a legend that it was the dwelling place for an antelope who had been reincarnated in the form of an angel who fell in love with a shepherd.
Sky Bridge
Sky Briage With a cabined width of a mere 40 cm, this very narrow 100-meter-long way path connects the Fairy Tower to Watching Beijing Tower. The ' Sky bridge¡® would waiting for the warriors who pass across this stretch of wall. The sides of the ridge on which it sits are so steep that it seems one is walking along a narrow rope bridge.
Heavenly Ladder
Heavenly Ladder Leaning against a mountain slope with an almost 90-degree gradient, this is the only way hiking to the ' Watching Beijing Tower ' and the ' Fairy Towers '. Stretching upwards along the steep mountain cliff, the narrowest part is just half a meter wide. It is like a ladder that leads into the heavens.
Simatai Photos - Heavenly Ladder
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