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Datong Travel Guide
Datong City, located in the north of Shanxi Province. is one of a famous historic and cultural cities in China. Covering an area of 14,176 square kilometers, Datong has four districts and seven counties under its prefecture. It is the second largest city in Shanxi Province with a population of 3.02 million.

Datong is situated in northern Shanxi Province, Its bordered by Inner Mongolia to the North and Hebei Province to the east. It was a military stronghold, holding out the hordes that frequently pushed south from Mongolia. Nowadays, Its an important base of energy resources and heavy chemical industry in China, well known as a ˇ°coal capitalˇ± .

Datong Map, Shanxi Map



Weather & Temperature
Datong is subjected to the temperate continental monsoon climate and has distinct four seasons. The best time to visit Datong is from April to September where the annual average temperature is 6.3C (43.34F) despite the sharp temperature swings from day to night.

Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall

Datong Attractions
Datong is one of the 24 famous historical and cultural cities in China, it has much cultural scenery of tourist attractions, Yungang Grottoes-one of the four famous grottoes in China; one of the five famous mountains in China - Hengshan Mountain; the Hanging Temple (the Temple in Midair) - an architectural miracle in China. Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall-the biggest dragon screen wall in China; and The Wooden Pagoda is the wonder of the wooden architecture field.


Travel in Datong
Accommodation facilities have become more and more advanced over recent years and range from 5-star hotels to a selection of comfortable guest houses. Local staple in Datong city is mainly noodles and other food made of flour. In addition to the commonly seen the Shanxi Noodles, various local snacks may give you a different experience of taste.

the Hanging Temple (or the Temple in Midair)-an architectural miracle in China

Datong Festival
Yungang Grottoes and Mt. Hengshan Tourism Festival is held in July or August every year in Datong. During the festival, there are many activities related to the Datong culture, such as the exhibition of the local handicrafts and products, opera, dance and a food festival. every other year in Taiyuan. Groups from Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Inner Mongolia attend the festival and perform for audiences.


Transportation of Datong
For its crucial location at the junction of East China and the Middle West, Datong has quite developed transportation. Taiyuan is 94 kilometers (58.4 miles) northeast of Pingyao, 374 kilometers northeast of Beijing, 760 kilometers west of Xian.

By Air
Datong Airport is located in the north of Beijiazao Township, Datong County, about 15 km away from the center of Datong City. This airport was constructed in 2004 and now is at the stage of flight-testing. It has Direct flights are available from Taiyuan to some major cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guilin, Nanjing, and Xian. Learn More

By Train
Datong Railway Station, located on the North Xinjian Road, The domestic railways such as Beijing-Baotou, Datong-Fenglingdu, Datong-Qinhuangdao lines as well as the international railways to Erlianhaote and Moscow all join in Datong, which makes its railway transportation quite convenient.

By Bus
Datong have more than ten main highways stretching to all parts of China, boasts a well developed highway network. There are four long-distance passenger stations in the city: South Passenger Station, North Passenger Station, Xinpingwang Passenger Station, and Xinnan Passenger Station.

Datong may be not as swinging as that in modern metropolises like Shanghai or Beijing, but there are still some places that can be found for your interest - Just to explore the Datong City for yourself! offers online information on Datong Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.


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