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The Moon Hill
City: Guilin
Address :8 km away from downtown Yangshuo County, Guangxi Province, China
Open Hours : Daily (7:00am-6:30pm)
Time for Visit: 1 hours
Ticket Price : RMB 9/p.p
Introduction of The Moon Hill:

Moon Hill is located one kilometer away the south of the Big Banyan Tree, 50 minutes' bike trip from Yangshuo county, the Moon Hill, Named for the crescent shaped cave running through the hill. The Moon Hill is one of the highlights in Yangshuo. The journey up to the summit is arduous which covers 800 steep steps. The scenery overlooking the countryside through the half moon, however, is well worth the trek, which is probably the best you will get in the area.

the Moon Hill of Yangshuo
the Moon Hill Village

At foot of the hill lies a tiny village called Moon Hill Village. The village offers a haven for those who would like to stay off the touristy places around Yangshuo. It is a tranquil village free from the pollution, stress and turmoil that plague most of the cities we live. The traditional life style continues as time stands still here. offers online information on The Moon Hill and More Attractions of Guilin. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.
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