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In the modernized food corridor in Beijing Airport, you can enjoy the delicious food including Chinese food, Western food, Japanese food, Korean food as well local refreshments of varied area of China. And you can also sit down here and enjoy the relaxed time by drinking a cup of coffee with rich flavor.

The mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Starbucks have opened outlets in the new Terminals 3 and Terminals 1 and 2, KFC is available at the basement level in Terminal 2, while Starbucks is available on both landside and airsides.

International Limited Area-West Food , Japanese Food and Korean Food

Gaya Restaurant

Location: Near the boarding gate #12, tax-free shopping street, international departure hall
Service hours: 6:20--- 11:20

Gaya restaurant, which is located in the international departure hall of Terminal 2 at the Beijing Capital International Airport, offers various kinds of western-style, Japanese and Korean foods, including Japanese superb set meals, noodles, Japanese hand-pulled noodles, Korean rice mixes, Italian noodles, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Specially recommended to you here are the Japanese superb set meals, which are of high alimentation and delicious, but costing RMB 88 Yuan only.

Steak Set Meal

Prepared with fresh S-level Fucheng beef and cooked with special seasonings. Fresh and salty. Nice-looking and delicious. Widely accepted by domestic and foreign passengers.

Roasted Salmon Set Meal

Prepared with superb salmon and roasted with special seasonings. Matched with a vegetable salad, a roasted sweet bean with butter, a fresh fruit dish and a French bread.

Japanese-style Roasted Eel Set Meal

Fresh and salty. Prepared with Japanese eel and imported seasonings. Matched with a vegetable salad, a roasted sweet bean with butter, a fresh fruit dish and a bowl of rice.

Curry Chicken Rice

Prepared with fresh chicken drumsticks and Indian curry powder. Cooked with supplementary ingredients and thin soup. Matched with a fresh fruit dish.

International Limited Area-Coffee

Coffee Shop at the Boarding Gate #16

Profile: If you are at leisure, a cup of aromatic coffee can refresh your tiredness and make you feel much better. When you taste coffee, you are in fact experiencing a kind of mood, a beautiful coffee mood, and you are appreciating a kind of fashion and comfort at the same time. It is hard for you to forget it after you have a first try. At No. 2 airport building, BAFS serves a variety of coffee drink, including tasty mixed coffee Cappuccino brewed by Italian espresso and whipped fresh milk, and thick chocolate-flavored Mocha coffee, which is brewed by a combination of chocolate sauce, Italian espresso and whipped milk. Tasty coffee, unique decoration style, quiet and delightful environment and enthusiastic and considerate service all contribute to your complete leisure and comfort here. offers online information on Beijing airport and More travel guide of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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