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Beijing Nanyuan Airport
Beijing Nanyuan Airport is a new and relatively small airport in China. With the development of the China Civil Aviation and, as the base of China United Airlines, Nanyuan Airport shoulders a yearly passenger flow volume of nearly one million. The airport offers air routes from Beijing to Wuxi, Dalian, Hohhot, Harbin, Chengdu and Hailaer, amongst other destinations.
Situation and Facilities
Beijing Nanyuan Airport is situated in the Fengtai District, around 15 km south of downtown Beijing, and is closer to downtown Beijing than Beijing Capital International Airport is. The terminal building has a capacity of about 200 people so the lounge is not very spacious. Generally passengers will be taken directly to the terminal building by the airport bus or taxi. If you take the public bus, there is about a 15 minute walk from the bus stop at the airport gate to the terminal building.

Airport Services
Compared with the Beijing Capital International Airport, Nanyuan Airport offers more cut-price tickets for passengers. However, these discounted tickets are typically for harder-to-reach, more unusual places rather than conventional tourist destinations, so they may appeal to more adventurous travelers. You can make an instant ticket purchase when you arrive at the airport but you may not book discount tickets in advance.

Boarding: There is no need for tourists to arrive at the airport the usual one hour prior to the flight departure since the boarding procedure is not as complex as at other airports and there are not so many passengers. It is acceptable and you will not be delayed if you to get to the airport just before the departure time.

Airport inquiries Telephone: 010 C 67992139


Airport Transportation:

Shuttle Bus: Passengers can take the comfortable Beijing airport shuttle bus (No. 6 line) to the downtown area, Xidan. Usually, the buses depart at 12:40, 17:00 and 20:50 from the airport to the downtown and at 06:00, 10:40 and 15:10 from downtown to the airport. The cost is about 16 Yuan.

Taxi: When arriving at the Nanyuan airport, There is a taxi line just outside the terminal building. Drivers should use their meter; The cost to midtown Beijing (such as: tiananmen square) is normally around RMB60 depending on the type of taxi.

Beijing Airprt Bus
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