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Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus
There are totally 6 Beijing airport shuttle bus lines. the each-way shuttle interval of about 10-15 minutes. all the bus ticket is RMB 16 yuan(USD $2.5), The shuttle bus will start when it is fully occupied anytime and the tickets are available at all the stops.
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NO.1 Capital Airport - Fangzhuang

1. Liangmaqiao (near Landmark Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Kunlun Hotel);
2. Hujialou;
3. Dabeiyao (World Trade Centre, China World Hotel, CBD);
4. Panjiayuan;
5. Shilihe (King Wing Hot Spring International Hotel, near Days Inn Chang An, Best West Hotel);
6. Fangzhuang (Guiyou Shopping Mall)

First bus: 7:30am
Last bus: 22:30pm

1. Fangzhuang (Guiyou Shopping Mall);
2. Dabeiyao (South China Aviation Hotel);
3. Capital Airport

First bus: 6:00am
Last bus: 19:30pm

NO.2 Capital Airport - Xidan

1. Sanyuanqiao;
2. Dongzhimen;
3. Dongsishitiao Bridge;
4. Xidan (Civil AviationBuilding)

First bus: 7:00am
Last bus: Till the last flight

1. Xidan ( Civil AviationBuilding );
2. Dongzhimen ( 50m from the east of the bridge );
3. Jingxin Building ( West Entry )
4. Capital Airport Building

First bus: 5:40am
Last bus: 21:00pm

NO.3 Capital Airport - Beijing Railway Station

1. Yuyang Hotel;
2. Dongdaqiao (bypassed after 22:30);
3. Chaoyangmen;
4. Yabaolu;
5. Beijing Railway Station

First bus: 7:30am
Last bus: Till the last flight

1. Beijing Railway Station;
2. International Hotel ( West Entry );
3. Dongzhimen ( 50m from the east of the bridge );
4. JingxinBuilding ( West Entry );
5. Capital Airport

First bus: 6:00am
Last bus: 19:30pm

NO.4 Capital Airport - Gongzhufen

1. China International Exhibition Centre;
2. Xibahe;
3. Anzhen Bridge;
4. Madian Bridge;
5. Beitaipingzhuang;
6. Jimen Bridge;
7. Friendship Hotel;
8. Beijing TV Station;
9. Zizhu Bridge;
10. Hangtian Bridge;
11. Gongzhufen ( Xinxing Hotel)

First bus: 7:00am
Last bus: 23:00pm

1. Gongzhufen (Xinxing Hotel)
2. Friendship Hotel (North Entry Air Ticket Office)
3. Beitaipingzhuang (50m from the east of the crossroad);
4. AnzhenBuilding;
5. Capital Airport

First bus: 5:40am
Last bus: 21:00pm

NO.5 Capital Airport - Zhongguancun

1. Wangjing (Huajiadi);
2. Xiaoying;
3. Aisan Games Village (Anhui Bridge);
4. Xueyuan Bridge;
5. Zhongguancun Bridge (No. 4)

First bus: 8:30am
Last bus: 21:30pm

1. Zhongguancun¡¡Bridge (No. 4);
2. Beihang¡¡University (North Entry);
3. Huixinxijie (Anhui¡¡Building);
4. Huixindongjie (SINOPEC);
5. Capital¡¡Airport

First bus: 7:00am
Last bus: 19:30pm

NO.6 Beijing Nanyuan Airport - Xidan

City-bound Operation hours: 12:40 17:00 20:50
airport-bound Operation hours: 6:00 (First bus)10:40 15:10

Shuttle departure time and interval depend on the Nanyuan Airport flights status offers online information on Beijing airport and More travel guide of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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