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Dunhuang Travel Guide
Dunhuang is the best stop of the Silk Road in Gansu Province and is the gateway to Xinjiang and the area beyond. The national, historical city of Dunhuang is a renowned tourist city famous for the Mogao Caves.

It is situated in the common boundary of Gansu Province, Qinghai Province and Xinjiang Province. Dunhuang, long ago referred to as 'Sha Zhou' (beautiful desert oasis), was the hub of middle and eastern silk routes in ancient times. Dunhuang was the center of trade between China and its western neighbors. At that time, it was the most westerly frontier military garrison in China.

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Weather & Temperature
Dunhuang City, situated in the north of the Province is land locked, and surrounded by high mountains, its great distance from the moist sea breezes helped form its arid continental climate. The annual average temperature is 9.3C, but ranges from 24.7 C in July to -9.3C in January. Dunhuang is fervent in summer and bitterly cold in winter with precipitation outstripped by evaporation.

  Travel in Dunhuang
Yangguan Great Wall Pass

Dunhuang is a typical tourist city, clean and beautiful. Because of its splendid stone caves, the tourism has become an indispensable industry to Dunhuang City. experience attractions exciting such as the unrivaled Buddhist carvings in Mogao Grottos, the White Horse Pagoda, the old Yangyuan City, Yangguan Great Wall Pass, Yumenguan Pass, Han Dynasty Beacon Lights and many wonderful are all well worth seeing.


As a popular tourism city famous for its abundant cultural relics, transportation in Dunhuang is very convenient.

By Air - Dunhuang Airport (DNH) is situated east of Dunhuang City, Dunhuang Airport is about 13 km from the downtown area. a small airport serves about 38 domestic flights weekly to destinations such as Beijing, Xian, Lanzhou, Urumqi and Jiayuguan, etc. In the peak season, the airport offers many more charter-flights than in the off-season. กก

By Train - Dunhuang Railway Station is located 15 kilometers away form the city center. At present, trains connecting Dunhuang with Jiayuguan, Xian, Lanzhou, and Yinchuan leave from the station.

By Bus - There are 2 main bus stations for long-distance passenger transport in Dunhuang: Dunhuang Bus Station and Dunhuang Passenger Transport Center.


Welcome to Dunhuang
Dunhuang City. Surrounding establishments include various classes of hotels and restaurants for your choosing. As well, tourism personnel are knowledgeable and well trained these days. an obvious pearl on the Silk Road, opens her arms to welcome tourists from all over the world - Just to explore the Dunhuang for yourself! offers online information on Dunhuang Travel Guide and More City Guide of China. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

China Dunhuang Tours
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