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Gansu Travel Guide
Gansu Province, Located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, in northwest China. Gansu is one of the cradles of Chinese cultures. It occupies the area of 450,000 square kilometers, With a population of 23.7 million, Gansu has a multinational population which includes ethnic minority groups of Kazak, Mongolian, Tibetan, Manchu, etc. the capital is Lanzhou City.

bordering on Shanxi to the east, Sichuan to the south, Qinghai and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to the west. It is bounded on the north by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the People's Republic of Mongolia and joined by Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to northeast. Sloping down from the southwest to the northeast, the landscapes in Gansu are complex and varied. High mountains, deep valleys, rivers oasis and deserts crisscross the entire here..

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Weather & Temperature
It is important for tourists to be familiar with the local temperatures. The annual average temperature is about 0-15C. the lowest temperature occurs in January and is approximately -14 to 3C and the highest temperature is in July between 22 and 25C. Average annual rainfall is between 30 to 860 millimeters.

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Mogao Grottoes in Gansu Dunhuang

Gansu is abundantly endowed with cultural relics and natural scenery. Vast and graceful natural scenery like endless desert and pure glacial landscape presents an impressive and breath-taking picture before your eyes. as the world-famous Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, It's the largest &most well-preserved Buddhist art palace and also a post along the ancient Silk Road; the grand Jiayuguan Pass, an important outpost in ancient China, is western end of Great Wall; the Labrang Monastery in Xiahe is one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist resorts in China while the Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves in Lanzhou are a treasure trove of Han Buddhism.


Majoy Cities
Currently under the provincial administration there are 12 prefecture level cities in Gansu; is Lanzhou, Tianshui, Baiying, Jinchang, Jiayuguan, Qingyang, Pingliang, Zhangye, Jiuquan, Dingxi, Wuwei and Longnan. There are two autonomous prefectures: Linxia and Gannan; four county level cities, 59 counties, 7 ethnic minority autonomous counties and 17 districts under city jurisdiction.


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