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Zhangye Travel Guide
Zhangye city is located in western part of Gansu Province. It was called "Jin Zhangye" and was one of the political, economic, cultural and diplomatic centers in northwest China due to its strategically military importance. Zhangye was one of the four counties in Hexi Corridor (the region west of Yellow River) and was once known as Ganzhou.

Situated in the central part of Hexi Corridor, Zhangye is adjacent to Wuwei area and Jinchang city to the east and connected with Jiuquan area to the west, which makes it the converging point of joint southern and northern routes of the ancient Silk Road. Zhangye is a flourishing oasis in the bleak desert. It lies to the north of Qilian Mountain, to the south of Heli Hill & Longshou Hill.

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Weather & Temperature
Zhangye has a continental climate with the average sunlight of over 3000 hours annually; coldest in January and hottest in July and the comfortable months for travel is from June to September. It's average Temperature is 7C annually.

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Great Buddha Temple in Zhangye China

Zhangye city has boasts numerous scenic attractions and historical sites. There are ancient buildings, such as the Great Buddha Temple, West-coming Temple, the Earth Pagoda, the Zhenyuan Building, the Shanxi Assembly Hall and the Barn of Ming Dynasty, and also historic relics, such as the site of Black Water State, the Tombs Complex of Han Dynasty, Ancient Rampart and Beacon Tower on Great Wall. There is gorgeous natural scenery, such as the Sweet Spring Park, the Desert Park, the Black Water Village and Da Yekou Natural Beauty Spot, and also colorful folk customs featured by Han, Hui, Mongol, Tibet and Yugu.


It is convenient to get to the Zhangye and leave it. The transportation networks of railway, and highways have been established.

By Train - The Lanxin Railroad goes through the whole city starting from the Dongle Town of Shandan County in the east to the Shahe Town of Linze County in the west. and There are trains to places as Beijing, Urumchi, Lanzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an and Jinan every day. Zhangye Railway Station locates in the north-east of the city.

By Bus - There are twenty-two highways across the city among which Ganxin Highway and Ganqing Highway are the main ones. No. 312 National Highway and No.227 National Highway also pass through Zhangye City.


Welcome to Zhangye
The Zhangye city has a long history dating back to more than 2000 years ago. an obvious pearl on the Silk Road, opens her arms to welcome tourists from all over the world. - Just to explore the Zhangye for yourself!


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