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Jiayuguan Travel Guide
Jiayuguan City, with a history of more than 600 years in Gansu Province is an important city of tourism on the ancient Silk Road. Jiayuguan is a charming city. It is one end of the world-known Great Wall (The Great Wall which starts from the Shanhaiguan Pass winds its way thousand miles and finally stops at Jiayuguan city).

Located in the Gobi desert, at the middle of Hexi Corridor, 600 kms from Lanzhou, 5 - 6 hours away by bus from Dunhaung. Jiayuguan City measures 40 km from east to west and 35 km from north to south. Its total area is 2935 square kilometers, and the urban area is 60 square kilometers. Its total population is 140,000 and there are people of 12 nationalities living in the city.

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Weather & Temperature
Jiayuguan has a typical temperate in warm variable zone, aridity climate with the frost-free period of 160 days. January with temperature as low as - 21C, August with temperature as high as 34C; Sandstorm - March to May; Strong Wind - November and December; annually with the highest of 38.7C and lowest of 0C, annual & daily difference in temperature great.

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Jiayuguan Pass in China

Now the ancient Jiayuguan pass has been expanded into a modern city. It is rich in tourism resources: the well-known Jiayuguan Pass, the suspended section of the Great Wall, the beacon tower relics, the Museum of the Great Wall, the Xincheng Fresco, the Qiyi Glacier, the Gobi desert and the its landscape, the Wenshu Mountain Grotto, the Heshan Mountain Grotto and the International Gliding Base.


It is very convenient to get to the city and leave it. The transportation networks of airlines, railway, and highways have been established.

By Air - Jiayuguan Airport is located in the city's northeast, 12 km from the city. Airlines to Dunhuang City, Lanzhou City, Urumchi City and Xi'an City are available.

By Train -The Jiayuguan Railway Station is an important one in the Lanzhou to Xinjiang Railway. It is at the Yingbing Road, about 5 km from the downtown area of the city. There are nine passenger trains passing through the city, which can carry you to most majoy cities in China.


Welcome to Jiayuguan
In the Jiayuguan city, visitor can see tall furnaces pointing to the sky, large buildings standing side by side, rows of poplar trees guarding the wide streets - Just to explore the Jiayuguan for yourself!


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