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Hohhot Travel Guide
Hohhot, as the capital of the in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. which Its means Green City in Mongolian is the political, economic and cultural center of the region. This city zone covers 17,224 square kilometers with a population exceeding 1,400,000. it is the most important city in Inner Mongolia and is home to 36 different ethnic groups.
Hohhot Cityis situated in the middle south part of the Tumote Plain, facing the Yellow River in the south and backing rolling Yinshan Mountains in the north. and Hohhot governs Yuquan District, Xincheng District, the Hui Nationality District, Saihan District, Tumote Left Banner, Tuoketuo County, Qingshuihe County, Lingeer County and Wuchuan County.
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Weather & Temperature
The climate of Hohhot is continental with four distinct seasons and significants temperature spreads between day and night. The average annual temperature is 6C. Winter in Hohhot is cold and long with an average temperature of -10C (14F). The best time to visit Hohhot is from April to October, while the best time to go to the grassland is from middle July to early September when the temperature is 15C(59F) to 25C(77F).

  Travel in Hohhot
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Hohhot is an ideal place to relax away from of modern day pressure thanks to the magnificent natural beauty of the Gegentala and Xilamuren Grasslands as well as fantastic cultural site such as the Dazhao Temple, the Zhaojun Tomb. the Five Pagoda Temple and the Inner Mongolia Museum. Mongolian folk songs and wrestling are popular entertainment while ethnic delicacies and clemency of the local people add to the enjoyment of a stay here. and the Travelers can enjoy a wide variety of activitie including horse riding.


By Air - Hohhot Baita Airport owes its name to the Wanbu Huayanjing Pagoda, It's one of the historical attractions in Hohhot which lies 5.6km southeast to airport, Presently connected to 28 domestic cities by 26 air routes, it serves international scheduled flights to Ulan Bator as well as charter flights to Hong Kong, Russia and Thailand.

By Tarin - Hohhot has an extensive railway network, It connecting with Beijing, and Hailar to the east; Baotou, Xian, and Lanzhou to the west; Shanghai, Nanjing and Ningbo tosoutheast, plus international trains to Ulan Bator and Moscow.

By Bus - Daily buses are available to link Hohhot with other major cities including the Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Datong, and Baotou. While bus transportation is less expensive than air or train travel, in terms of safety and security it may not be your best choice.

Travel Tips
Hoohot has a modern reliable transport network, excellent hotels and large shopping centers. The city brings together specialties from all over Inner Mongolia, ranging from the Mongolian silverware, carpet, cashmere, camel hair product, traditional knives, decorative deer antlers, narrow-leaved oleaster curtain, oatmeal and various dairy products to fancy Inner Mongolian costumes - Just to explore the Hohhot for yourself!


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